Aug. 11th, 2011

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1- My co-intern and I got called into the office of the executive director this morning. Apparently they've secured enough funding to hire us on part time into the fall.

2- The guy who was going to be my co-intern at my fall job at the university's community service has decided not to take the position. Which means I might have it to myself? If I still have it? There's weird stuff going on there.

3- Last night, I told the group that basically dumped the art festival of doom onto me that I wasn't really going to be around next year and have peaced out of that obligation.

4- The ghost of the art festival remains strong. I have a meeting about it today. I just need to put on my big girl pants and deal with everything, but I keep having mini-panic attacks every time I think about it. ;_;

5- My new exercise regimen remains strong! Monday and Tuesday was more jogging and swimming. Yesterday I slept because I needed it, but today I was up again to play around on the elliptical for thirty minutes. I am actually beginning to enjoy all of this getting up early and sweating and moving around?

I'm getting worried I won't be able to keep it up into the fall though. At this rate, it looks like I'll be working 10-25 hours a week (depending on if the community service center job follows through and depending on how many hours I work at my museum job). And I'll be taking a full load of classes. But I've managed to slough off my other obligations, so that's good. But, idk. It's going to take a lot of careful time scheduling and some serious work effort to juggle all of this.


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