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Yesterday afternoon I sat down with a cup of tea, and then pulled my iPod out of my pocket...and immediately dropped it into my cup of tea.

This is the second tea + electronic incidence I've had this year.

But I requested a replacement from Amazon today, and they seemed all, Hey, brah, it's cool. We'll ship you out another one stat.

Thank you sweet corporate overlords. ;___;

Uh. Other than that life is good. I spent last weekend in Madison visiting [ profile] animus_wyrmis and had a lovely time. Thursday night I went to a soccer game with a good friend I don't see often enough. Friday night I went to a potluck/party with people in my internship. We all got very drunk and listened to Michael Jackson's on the host's record player. And last night I went to my friend's dad's wedding! I got slightly less drunk and swing-danced and my friend tried to teach me how to salsa.

Today I think I'm going to tea with another friend, but she has yet to get back to me with a time more specific than ~early afternoon. (Which it technically is...)

Friday for my internship, we went to a juvenile detention center in the morning. I have never seen architecture more designed to break the human spirit. (And I include my
school library
in this.) We were told we wouldn't meet with or see any of the residents. This was not the case. Our group was split into two, one to go see the girls' living area and one for the boys'. I was in the girls group, and when we arrived the residents were all sitting around.

Guard: And if you look into this cell, you'll see one girl working on a mural a local artist came and drew for her! Go on! Look!
Us: *stare at guard* *don't move*
Guard: And if you look over there, you'll see one girl is writing a letter explaining why we have rules. She had an incident earlier. And those girls over there are playing cards.
Us: :|

The murals in the cells were actually kind of cool. I mean, the cells were tiny and awful and brick on two sides with a glass and steel door. The wall opposite the door of each cell had a mural though that at least gave the cell some color. Apparently the guys didn't have anything of the sort. But the way guard acted as if the girls were just there for us to gawk at was... really unsettling.

I ended up talking to/playing cards with some of them. We didn't really talk about anything (though I did win every hand of blackjack). It's just. It's really upsetting to see girls my younger sister's age living and being treated like that.

In the afternoon, we went to an organization that helps inmates post-release, and do things like provide transitional living and job training. We also had a gentleman from a group that works to abolish the prison system entirely. Which... was not a viewpoint I had formerly been exposed to, but I think makes some solid arguments.

Anywho. I SEE MY FAMILY IN TWO WEEKS. 8D 8D 8D I've gotten so homesick, I've actually started missing California itself. And I never miss California. My older brother posted on my fb wall the other day that he had a surprise gift for me. I am a bit nervous it might be SPN season 6. Which would be super sweet and nice and thoughtful of my brother! Just... I still hate that season so much, guys. ;___; BUT MAYBE IT WILL BE A PONY INSTEAD!

I hope you all are well. <3
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