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Thanks everyone for the support/advice/good wishes on my last post. I ended up being able to take my French final this morning, and it went well so yaaaay! Of course, my professor didn't get back to me till yesterday night, so I spent most of yesterday in a state of panic. Also, I packed. With the delightful company of [ profile] gold_bluepoint and [ profile] zempasuchil. And I worked on my essays. And except for like three hours yesterday evening and on and off on the plane today I haven't really slept in 48ish hours.


1) I am done with finals! I got to take all my finals! My grades will probably be shit this quarter but trololol who cares?

2) You know that internship I didn't get? I actually got it! Kind of. I'm splitting it with the guy who I thought go it. But I'll have it winter quarter and he'll have it spring and our boss is trying to figure out a way for us to split the internship in fall quarter.


Also, trololol, I forgot to mention it in the drama that has been the past two days, but I saw Iron & Wine play for free on Monday. Good times, good times. Though the opening act (The Head and the Heart) was actually better at performing. And I have bought and am in love with their album. *___*




Jun. 8th, 2011 01:01 am
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Oh my god.

So I thought my final written exam for French was tomorrow at 1:30. I just went back to check the e-mail for the time.

The final written exam was on Monday.

I fly out on Thursday.

I don't know what to do.

ETA: I spoke to my parents on the phone about it. And they both advised me to email my professor and my advisor, which I am. And said it's not the end of the world because it's an elective class, so even if I end up failing, it won't put me in danger of graduating or not finishing my major or anything like that. But I just remembered my acceptance into study abroad was contingent upon retaining an acceptable academic GPA. If I fail, I won't have that and I'll probably be kicked out of the study abroad program. I am going to start hyperventilating again.
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 Listening to Carla Bruni totally counts as studying for French? Riiiiight?

:\\\ It really bothers me that I have the first two parts of my French final today (well, had one this morning and the next part this afternoon). It's tenth week. Finals week is next week. But mainly it bothers me because I've had no time to study. As far as finals weeks go, this is the lightest load I've had in awhile, I think. It's just I'm so behind on everything because of Art in Action.

Even I am sick of my endless to-do lists. But. I want to be done with my essays by Monday night, so I can have Tuesday to study for the final part of my French final and to pack. And Wednesday to pack, take the final part of French, stash my stuff around the city, and have dinner with my friend who's getting back from Athens and graduating. That means, starting tomorrow, I need to average 3-4 pages a day. Which is completely doable.

Also, Iron & Wine is playing in Chicago. For free. On Monday. And I would LOVE to go. But alas, must be at a good spot with finals first.

AND IN ONE WEEK AND ONE DAY I WILL BE WITH [Bad username or site: @]. Light at the end of the tunnel, tbh. Unfortunately, she is at college orientation until late Friday night. Which should mean that I can buckle down and work without distractions, but really just means I am going to mope a lot and spam her entries with comments. It's really hard to be codependent guys. ;___;

Today is the last day of classes! And this time next week I will be done with my brief flirtation with French! I can order a baguette, understand directions, and have a conversation about the weather. Really, what else is there to language?

/this entry brought to you by my crippling inability to function without familiar. ):
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To do, by midnight, Wednesday the 8th.

not actually as terrifying as my to-do lists usually are )

And then there are all the fandom things I want/need to do, which I am not going to list because lol who am I kidding? ): I did sign up for [ profile] rs_games though BECAUSE I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO GET BACK INTO FANDOM, DAMMIT.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... I feel like there was something else I wanted to say. OH WELL.
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The Age of Dinosaurs

There are, of course, theories
about the wide-eyed, drop-jawed
fascination children have for them,
about how, before he's learned
his own phone number or address,
a five-year-old can carry
like a few small stones
the Latin tonnage of those names,
the prefixes and preferences
for leaf or meat.

My son recites the syllables
I stumble over now,
sets up figures as I did
years ago in his prehistory.
Here is the green ski slope
of a brontosaur's back,
there a triceratops in full
gladiator gear. From the arm
of a chair a pterodactyl
surveys the dark primeval carpet.

Each has disappeared from time
to time, excavated finally
from beneath a cabinet
or the sofa cushions, only
to be buried again among its kind
in the deep toy chest,
the closed lid snug as earth.
The next time they're brought out
to roam the living room
another bone's been found

somewhere, a tooth or fragment
of an eggshell dusted off,
brushing away some long-held notion
about their life-span
or intelligence, warm blood
or cold. On the floor
they face off as if debating
the latest find, what part
of which one of them
has been discovered this time.

Or else they stand abreast
in one long row, side
by scaly side, waiting to fall
like dominoes, my son's
tossed tennis ball a neon yellow
asteroid, his shadow a dark cloud
when he stands, his fervor for them
cooling so slowly he can't feel it—
the speed of glaciers, maybe,
how one age slides into the next.

James Scruton
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Thank you to everyone who gave me birthday wishes here, on facebook, or in real life. In particular, thank you to [ profile] twivamp92, [ profile] cacklesthewitch, and [ profile] giantlovetingle for the vgifts. And huge huge huge thanks to [ profile] familiardevil for being the best, most wonderful person to ever exist.

Today was pretty low-key as birthdays go. My friends baked me a cake last night, and I was given some really wonderful tea and a tea mug. My parents bought me a roundtrip to Florida SO I CAN GO VISIT [ profile] familiardevil FOR THE WEEK BETWEEN FINALS AND MY INTERNSHIP STARTING. I've known about this for like a week and a halfish, but it was technically my birthday present. I bought myself a ticket to a soccer game in late June as a birthday present to myself, and I got a lot of hugs. But other than that, pretty much a normal day. (:

Oh, except housing lottery was today. So I know my living situation for next year. For various reasons, I'll be living with three complete strangers. I guess if you're going to play with fate, your birthday's the day to do it on.

Nineteen was a pretty solid year, overall. Finished my first year at college and started my second, jumped into Lake Michigan while drunk during a thunderstorm, traveled across country by train, spent what will probably be my last summer at home, made the Dean's List, returned as a counselor to Girls State, got really into soccer, gave up all my fandom modding duties, was lj_married (and facebook married!) to familiar, started making mixes, went to Wincon, made irl fannish friends, saw familiar irl TWICE, got a really cool part time job, saw three soccer games, went to a lot of plays, declared my major (religious studies!), came out to my mom and a few other people, saw President Obama speak twice, saw Neil Gaiman speak, started learning French, was appointed to a local housing board, was accepted into a great summer internship, was accepted into a study abroad program, won a student leader award, started organizing a big art festival, did a ton of other cool shit like protests and paintballing and the imax Harry Potter and going to talks and getting out the vote and volunteering and and and. Also, I broke one and a half laptops, one and half iPods, and one printer. (Though really, the printer technically broke itself). It really doesn't seem like an entire year has passed.

For twenty, I want to travel more, take better care of myself physically, get another part time job, and start being more active in fandom again.

Man, twenty is such a grown-up sounding number. I can't believe my mom was married by the time she was my age.

Hope you all are doing wonderfully. <3

ps made an Anna/Castiel mix the other day. It can be found here.
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Watching An Emperor's New Groove with zempasuchil and animus_wyrmis. Still tipsy. Urge to write J2 AU rising.
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 I've been thinking EVEN MORE and now I think maybe I should convert to Catholicism like Sebastian. That seems reasonable. Do people think Charles Ryder converted at the end of the novel?

Also, I think I decided that I was wrong in shipping Sirius/Remus. Lupin/Snape ftw!

And I think D/C is my new otp.  Is that bad????

ETA: Just so everyone's clear- [ profile] animus_wyrmis hacked me. This is all a joke. (: Yay wine and A Very Potter Sequel!

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1. Comment to this post with "I surrender!" and I'll assign you the basis of some TV show idea. (post-apocalyptic scifi-fi drama, fantasy, noir gumshoe pulp, criminal procedure...IN SPACE, historical drama WITH WEREWOLVES, etc.).
2. Create a cast of characters, including the actors who'd play them.
3. Add in any actor photos, character bios, and show synopsis that you want.
4. Post to your own journal and/or the isurrendered community on DW or LJ.

Title: Saintly
Prompt: From [ profile] familiardevil : A young man who works with his mother as a fortune teller in a traveling circus is given a message from God through an angel.
Type: A supernatural drama in 22 episode seasons LIKE WE DO IN AMURRICA.
Setting: America, late 2030s.
Synopsis: In the year 2037, Despereaux's Traveling Circus is composed of a ragtag family of performers, misfits, and runaways. It travels across an America in the decline. Wealth is concentrated in pockets of gated communities and the country's slipped into a second Great Depression. The state of Heaven isn't much better. Christianity is hemorrhaging believers, there's in-fighting among the ranks, and nothing's getting done due to a bureaucracy that drives straight past byzantine and into Kafka-esque. When an angel delivers a message from God that no one approved of, it causes quite the paperwork snafu. Until suddenly it's more than a snafu when the angelic ranks begin to realize someone's dead who shouldn't be, and someone's alive who should be dead. Unfortunately, divine providence attracts a lot of interest from a lot of other supernatural beings...

and I will do what's right, and I will do what's right )



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1) [ profile] tvd_meta [ profile] tvd_meta [ profile] tvd_meta

For all your The Vampire Diaries meta needs! Modded by the lovely trio [ profile] opheliahyde , [ profile] scorpiod1 , and [ profile] familiardevil . ^__^ NOW GO WRITE ME META EVERYONE.

2) I made a mix!

The Greek Ships on Fire - John/Mary

if my woman was a fire, she'd burn out before I wake

I also made a soccer rpf mix here, if anyone is interested. :P

3) Guuuuuys I had a ton of awesome Indian food last night, and now I am about to go have more of it. *____*

I hope you're all well!
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 Hey guys, sorry about the last (now deleted) post. There was just a perfect storm of stress, hormones, exhaustion, and homesickness. But I'm feeling much better now. One of these days I may even get around to responding to comments. /o\

Anyway! A couple of HP mixes I've made recently:

Moon to Moon
a Remus/Sirius Mix

hey love, we'll get away with it

How to Tame Lions
a James/Lily mix

I wanna start over, I wanna be winning, way out of sync from the beginning.
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Because [Bad username or site: @] wanted me to, a meme:

Leave a pairing/character in the comments and I’ll make a graphic for them inspired by whatever song comes on my shuffle. Fandoms that are cool with me are SPN, TVD, and soccer RPF, but feel free to throw whatever you want at me.

I guess I also want to work on my photoshop skillz.
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I'm still trying to figure out how to work out the fanworks comm/personal journal balance, so here, have a dump of mixes I've posted over the past week. Hope you enjoy. (: 

Go to Heaven // Catch the Wind // Young Liars 
a male!Ruby/Anna/girl!Castiel mix + two EPs for [ profile] familiardevil

human skin can be hard to live in

One Hand Waving Free  
a Luna Lovegood mix

a girl with kaleidoscope eyes

three more beneath the cut )
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Happy New Year f'list! And to celebrate the new year- a new comm! I've gotten over my wariness of fanworks comms and have, quite hypocritically, made my own. Feel free to watch if you're so inclined. 

So (almost) all my fics and mixes will from now on be posted at [ profile] spectacularfox.

Yes. That does say fic. I will start writing fic again... someday. Soon. Maybe. 

And how did I spend my first day of the new year? Playing in the snow with my family of course. (: It started snowing last night around 2 in the morning, and continued off and on into this afternoon.

Edgar Allan Snow says, Nevermore Hello.

I fly back to Chicago on Monday for school having spent my break, uh, watching TV with [ profile] familiardevil and playing word games with my family NO REGRETS. Oh, and I saw Tron recently. I almost fell asleep during the ~climactic battle scene. But Olivia Wilde was cute.

I have New Years resolutions, but I didn't write them down except in AIM in conversation with familiar. Something about improving myself as a person, idk.

Here's to the best year yet guys. ♥


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