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Birthdate:May 3
Location:United States of America
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look at this fucking hipster profile

20. college junior. chicago.
Supernatural. Soccer/Football. Harry Potter.

stray cat to my sharktopus.

You are so strange. And not like in a good way, but in a way that should be studied and written about in a scientific journal.
-- anonymous

profile picture yanked from sarcasticindiefucks

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"skating" on iced-over puddles, adrianne/torres, adventures, aggressive risk playing, ain't-afraid-of-no-lions, airports, america/wincest otp, angelic sins bloody echoes, anna/ruby, aristotle is a dick, as is nietzche, badassery, badger communist utopias, badgermonster, barca/real madrid otp, being a good person, bending reality, benny feilhaber, bob dylan, boom!, bubblegum, buying doughnuts while drunk, campfire singalongs, carlos bocanegra, chicago, civil disobedience, colorful socks, comment chains, cursing people with children, dancing in public, denim jackets, doughnut parties, el chupacabra, epic gay love affairs, evil desserts, fabreeze, familiardevil, ferris wheels, fierce bitches, fire, fisticuffs, football and fucking, football&soccer = foccer, free trade, frightening the neighbors, fuck-you-bitch-i'm-yoda, fucking puppies, glommits, half-boyfriends, het sometimes, highfives, holding your hand, homecomings, hot girl-on-girl action, hugs, ikerstiel, incestuous foxes, insomnia, iron & wine, jared padalecki's ridiculous face, john/castiel otp omg, jon stewart's ridiculous self, joy, kaka, kaka/nilmar, kitten stewart/herr schweiny, knocking up ronaldo, large windows, lesbian-make outs-in-the-bushes, lj stalking, london, long conversations, long walks, love, lucy the goat, macaroni and cheese, making faces at babies, maps, mark reading harry potter, museums, music with clapping, naked leprechauns killing sharks, napping, neil gaiman being awesome, nilmar, no pants for america, nomming your tears, or muuuuurder?, oxford commas, pantsless dancing, pirate queens, pirate!harry potter, planes crashing clowns killing, poetry, pokemon, politics, polyamorous internet relationships, pomegranates, poorly planned road trips, pretty boys with guns, princesa the gender-crisis chihuahua, public transportation, pushing in chairs, queen latifah = god, questionable taste, rahm emanuel, random jamaicans, remus/sirius, ronaldo&elano's epic bffery, ruining your life, running exchanges, sam winchester, sam/dean, scented candles, scott pilgrim, self-sabotage, sexual deviency, sharktopus, sharktopus/stray cat, shipping the flist, sister-dude, snowball fights, soccer and sex, social justice, something michael murray, spring summer fall winter, star gazing, stealing furniture, stealing the pope's socks, storytelling, sudden and awkward silences, tea, team god, terrifying things: supermodels, the grand canyon, the incomprehensibility of god, thinking too much, those winchester boys, thunderstorms, to-do lists, uchicago, ugly sunglasses, umbrellas, usa nt, vegetarianism, velociraptor!castiel, velvet collins/raptorpattz otp, villa's villa, vodka, when-was-the-last-time-you-called-your-mother?
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