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Happy New Year f'list! And to celebrate the new year- a new comm! I've gotten over my wariness of fanworks comms and have, quite hypocritically, made my own. Feel free to watch if you're so inclined. 

So (almost) all my fics and mixes will from now on be posted at [ profile] spectacularfox.

Yes. That does say fic. I will start writing fic again... someday. Soon. Maybe. 

And how did I spend my first day of the new year? Playing in the snow with my family of course. (: It started snowing last night around 2 in the morning, and continued off and on into this afternoon.

Edgar Allan Snow says, Nevermore Hello.

I fly back to Chicago on Monday for school having spent my break, uh, watching TV with [ profile] familiardevil and playing word games with my family NO REGRETS. Oh, and I saw Tron recently. I almost fell asleep during the ~climactic battle scene. But Olivia Wilde was cute.

I have New Years resolutions, but I didn't write them down except in AIM in conversation with familiar. Something about improving myself as a person, idk.

Here's to the best year yet guys. ♥
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That's right. This flyass, sexass mothafucka hangs around presidents with his shirt off. HEYO.

President Clinton and Captain America welcome you in to the party.

~*~Really image heavy, bbs~*~

Party in my pants (and the USA)...and beneath the cut. )

lol I just uploaded a ton of soccer icons and now my icon add ons have run out. /o\

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I spent the first four hours after the show ended getting very, very drunk and crying, and the four immediately after that sleeping it off. Now I am mostly sober, less emotionally devastated, and able and willing to write a cogent review.

I might still be a little tipsy and this got very, very long. )

And thank you very much to [ profile] familiardevil and [ profile] cherie_morte for talking me off the edge. Thank you also to my real life friends for the hugs, sympathy, and alcohol and for still being my friends despite my insane and unhealthy emotional attachment to my show. And thanks, finally, Mom and Dad for letting me drunk dial you and rave about how very, very much the boys love each other.

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I've been 19 for three hours now! It's been a pretty fantastic three hours so far, too. My friends surprised me with delicious cake at midnight. Then we sang along to Taylor Swift and Lady GaGa for awhile and I was given a beautiful green beaded necklace and a really funky zebra scarf stripe. Later, I found a page of haikus pushed beneath my door that my best platonic guy friend wrote for me.

A sample:

Your hair is quite red
Like a stoplight in LA

It's art, I tell you.

Then I come back to the internet to find that [ profile] cherie_morte  has posted lovely, fantastic Sam/Dean schmoopy birthday fic for me. There was much delighted clapping. You know what else resulted in much delighted clapping? The Femmeslash Exchange fic [ profile] bloodnfire  wrote for me. It's Jo/Kat! (Kat being the girl from Asylum) And it's actually the story I've always wanted someone to write for them.

And then, and THEN, the universe shows me that my birthday is going to be even better than I thought, because I see this:

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Have we talked about how much I love crack? Because I REALLY LOVE crack. Go write me crack.

And while I'm pimping things that are awesome...

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[ profile] spnrarepairs  [ profile] spnrarepairs  [ profile] spnrarepairs  [ profile] spnrarepairs  [ profile] spnrarepairs 

Shockingly, I am not running this one. But I am participating, and you should too. 

Finally, my cold is MUCH better. 

Now let's just hope the rest of my birthday continues to be so awesome. :D


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