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1) Rec me tumblrs? Right now me finding tumblrs to follow has largely consisted of typing "fuckyeah[thing I like] into my url bar and going from there.

2) If you added me on tumblr and your tumblr name is not similar to your lj name, let me know? I'd just like to place names with, er, other names. Also, if you haven't already, let me know your tumblr name. :3

3) I have spent 70% of today watching soccer and tumblring and 20% actually studying for my midterm tomorrow. Midterm weekend was not a good weekend to discover tumblr. (The other 10% of the day was probably spent making tea. AS TEN PERCENT OF ALL MY DAYS ARE.)

4) Next weekend I will be visiting [ profile] animus_wyrmis with [ profile] zempasuchil and [ profile] gold_bluepoint

5) Speaking of [ profile] gold_bluepoint, I meant to rec this awhile ago: BUT LOOK AT THIS. LOOOK AT IIIIT. Sam/Dean art, harlequin romance style.

6) LA Galaxy won the first leg of their semifinals play off. I am pleased.

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I have a tumblr! I have no idea what I'm doing with it. Going to do with it. How it works

But you should follow me? And then I will follow you back? Or just link me to your tumblrs?

I think probably I am just going to reblog poetry and pictures of hot soccer players and SPN reaction gifs and lesbians. So. If you're interested in those things...

And so this post is not completely self-centered:

Have a song! I have listened to this over 70 times since downloading it on, um, Wednesday. 

Fuck This Place - Frightened Rabbit


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