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It's so green. Which I am used to! But such a different quality of green from what I'm used to. It's brighter and glossier and more yellow. And the sky is different! And the quality of light! The buildings are really different too. idk, it reminds me of Rome + LA + something else???. Oh man, the subtropics. I'm so excited to be someplace so ~new~ to me.

I'm having a fabulous time. [Bad username or site: @] and I took a two and half hour public transportation adventure to the Miami zoo. I lost my purse, but w/e. I had all my valuables in my pocket and the most valuable thing I lost was the purse itself.

The zoo was woooonderful. It's really large, and there's a ton of animals. And the weather was (and has been) absolutely perfect. When we got back, familiar introduced me to Game of Thrones. I have ~thoughts~ but that is for another day/post. (Spoiler alert: Fucking Lannisters. Go kill yourselves.)

Then yesterday her parents drove us to Tampa. (familiar's family is super nice, btw). And last night we went to a soccer game- the US versus Panama. The US lost which was super shocking and upsetting. Shit refereeing, but we should have played better. )))): BUT WE STILL HAD A REALLY GREAT TIME AND OUR BOYS WILL BRING IT IN THE NEXT GAME. This just makes our inevitable victory all the sweeter. Oh, and I bought a US supporters scarf. Which I've wanted forever. It was pretty expensive, but I'm not caring about money this trip, especially because I'm just spending my awards money anyway. ^___^

Now today we're going to the aquarium! And then to familiar's grandparents who have a pool and live near a nice beach and who will be bringing us to Harry Potter Land tomorrow. SO EXCITE.

Sorry for such a rushed entry! I'm sitting in the hotel lobby about to leave.

I LOVE YOU ALL. (But I love familiar the most.)


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