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1. Comment to this post with "I surrender!" and I'll assign you the basis of some TV show idea. (post-apocalyptic scifi-fi drama, fantasy, noir gumshoe pulp, criminal procedure...IN SPACE, historical drama WITH WEREWOLVES, etc.).
2. Create a cast of characters, including the actors who'd play them.
3. Add in any actor photos, character bios, and show synopsis that you want.
4. Post to your own journal and/or the isurrendered community on DW or LJ.

Title: Saintly
Prompt: From [ profile] familiardevil : A young man who works with his mother as a fortune teller in a traveling circus is given a message from God through an angel.
Type: A supernatural drama in 22 episode seasons LIKE WE DO IN AMURRICA.
Setting: America, late 2030s.
Synopsis: In the year 2037, Despereaux's Traveling Circus is composed of a ragtag family of performers, misfits, and runaways. It travels across an America in the decline. Wealth is concentrated in pockets of gated communities and the country's slipped into a second Great Depression. The state of Heaven isn't much better. Christianity is hemorrhaging believers, there's in-fighting among the ranks, and nothing's getting done due to a bureaucracy that drives straight past byzantine and into Kafka-esque. When an angel delivers a message from God that no one approved of, it causes quite the paperwork snafu. Until suddenly it's more than a snafu when the angelic ranks begin to realize someone's dead who shouldn't be, and someone's alive who should be dead. Unfortunately, divine providence attracts a lot of interest from a lot of other supernatural beings...

and I will do what's right, and I will do what's right )



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Happy New Year f'list! And to celebrate the new year- a new comm! I've gotten over my wariness of fanworks comms and have, quite hypocritically, made my own. Feel free to watch if you're so inclined. 

So (almost) all my fics and mixes will from now on be posted at [ profile] spectacularfox.

Yes. That does say fic. I will start writing fic again... someday. Soon. Maybe. 

And how did I spend my first day of the new year? Playing in the snow with my family of course. (: It started snowing last night around 2 in the morning, and continued off and on into this afternoon.

Edgar Allan Snow says, Nevermore Hello.

I fly back to Chicago on Monday for school having spent my break, uh, watching TV with [ profile] familiardevil and playing word games with my family NO REGRETS. Oh, and I saw Tron recently. I almost fell asleep during the ~climactic battle scene. But Olivia Wilde was cute.

I have New Years resolutions, but I didn't write them down except in AIM in conversation with familiar. Something about improving myself as a person, idk.

Here's to the best year yet guys. ♥
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Title: Like I Wish I Had Fire
Subject: Iker/David, Casillas/Beckham, Bicker, Becksillas, etc, etc.
Summary: Made as an early Christmas present for [ profile] familiardevil . I fully admit that this will make no sense to anyone besides her. Basically, David Beckham and Iker Casillas are two of the most famous football/soccer players in the world. For a while, they played on the same team (lol why am I making a Real Madrid mix?) and had a really amazing bromance. Then David moved to LA to play for the LA Galaxy (fuck yeah) and made Iker look like sad!Orlando Bloom. (They're still friends though; David stuck around in South Africa to watch Iker and Spain win the World Cup this year.)

These are The Facts. So of course familiardevil and I came up with A Story to go with these facts. That story, as summarized by familiar (and with some modifications by yours truly) is thus, "David moves to Iker's team. David woos Iker. David and Iker have a  lot of sex. Iker falls in love with David. David is an asshole to Iker and sleeps around and makes Iker's heart ache all the time. Iker breaks things off. David is sad but pretends he isn't. Iker is sad and tries to move on. Eventually David stops being such a snake, and he and Iker get back together." This mix is that story as told through song.

Or you could not read all that and just enjoy the music. Mix contains front and back covers, individual uploads of 11 songs, and a .zip of all songs.

Who's the boy you like the most? )
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Title: Operation Furious Child
Fandom: uh... LJ RPF
Summary: It's a [ profile] coyotesuspect  /[ profile] familiardevil  Spy AU. And roughly based on true events.
Rating: S for Sexy. No, like PG.
Word Count: 900 for this part, 1700 overall
Part: 2/????
Notes: Written on my iPod while waiting for my sister to finish shopping. I haven't even looked it over before posting. Deliberately written in a ridiculous style.

Part 1 is here.

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First things first, in the immortal battle between fandom and LJ, our cruel reptilian overlords have now included a "repost to twitter or facebook" option for all our comments. Not cool LJ!

So I'm signal boosting a work around to that problem: HERE BBs HERE. Thanks to [ profile] cantarina1 and [ profile] sigrundora for the heads up.

I still have a question though. )

In good news, two things:

1) I bought tickets for a soccer game! US vs. Poland on October 9th. Omg you guys I am so excited. I'm also broke, so, you know. That's good life choices for you. BUT OMG I WILL GET TO SEE SOME OF MY BBs PLAY IN REAL LIFE. OMG. And I got pretty good seats too despite picking the second cheapest option. Probably because I bought tickets the day after they went on sale. I'm in the ninth row in section 103.

2) My dad will probably-most likely-keep your fingers crossed for me, come to Chicago the weekend before Thanksgiving for work. Which means I will get to see him! And probably mooch dinner off of him. But mostly I am excited about getting to see someone in my family that close to the holidays.

3) One of my college friends sent me sugar cookies. :D YAY!

Now, because it did promise a cycle of never ending icon squee, have the icon meme. Again:

meme time )

I hope you're all well. ♥
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[ profile] familiardevil : Friends cut!
[ profile] unavoidedcrisis : These always make me worry that whomever is posting them is a secret agent and needs to go into hiding or like, an informant going into witness protection.
[ profile] cantarina1 : So you are a secret agent! Is Coy the handler you fell for or are you spies on different teams having an illicit affair? OR MAYBE, she's the nerdy tech geek who builds you cool gadgets that you keep breaking on missions? Or is the story too deeply classified for me to know?

And then, I, uh, went to my sister's first volleyball game and typed up the first part of the epic spy love story of coyote and familiar on my iPod. Stop judging me.

Title: Operation Furious Child
Fandom: uh... LJ RPF
Summary: It's a [ profile] coyotesuspect /[ profile] familiardevil Spy AU. And roughly based on true events.
Rating: S for Sexy. No, like PG.
Word Count: 800
Part: 1/????
Notes: Written on my iPod. I haven't even looked it over before posting. Deliberately written in a ridiculous style.

ETA: Oops. Sorry about the lj cut fail. I swear I know what I'm doing.

Cchhhyeah )
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This is a long promised spam of football/soccer players for my beloved [Bad username or site: @], with a heavy emphasis on the national teams of the US, Spain, Germany, and Brazil.

This is in no way an exhaustive guide to important players, just ones I'm particularly fond of, largely having to do with reasons of them being attractive and/or adorable. It also contains almost zero analysis. My apologies for not accenting names and clubs appropriately.

But it's full of really hot men, okay? Possibly the least dial up friendly thing ever.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A multinational assortment of attractive men welcome you in.

An appreciation of the male form. )

Note on sources: Pictures are from all over the place- various lj comms, tumblr, google images, [Bad username or site: @]'s magnificent spamming of [Bad username or site: @]'s journal. Facts are mainly from wikipedia, articles, and interviews I've read/watched with the players.
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Okay, you know how I say I don't like/am generally ambivalent to porn? That kind of changes when it's girl!smut. Maybe I just don't like penises.

Anyway! come play with us!


You can prompt up until August 1st. Fulfilling prompts, however, will go on for an unlimited amount of time.

The next round of the Supernatural Femmeslash Exchange starts August 1st - make sure to sign up if you're interested!


Also relevant:

I've already written like 5,000 words of fluffy, plotless, obscure RPF college AU. Because my brain hates me. e___e

Other things:
1) I saw Inception yesterday! It was great. I have a giant, bizarre theory about it which I will post later.

2) Today was traumatizing. omg so traumatizing. Someone please hold me.

3) The laptop situation may have been resolved! (Yay!) But at the cost of my iPod. (Boo!)

I think I need a nap.
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That's right. This flyass, sexass mothafucka hangs around presidents with his shirt off. HEYO.

President Clinton and Captain America welcome you in to the party.

~*~Really image heavy, bbs~*~

Party in my pants (and the USA)...and beneath the cut. )

lol I just uploaded a ton of soccer icons and now my icon add ons have run out. /o\

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 Oh, so, I've been in LA the last couple days for my grandma's 80th birthday. Heeeey. I love/hate this city. 

Sorry for being such an awful friend lately. Unless you are [ profile] familiardevil  and talking to me about soccer, I probably have not been talking to you. (And this includes real life friends and my parents because I suck.)

BUUUUUT! I did go see Jonah Hex (that superhero cowboy movie with Megan Fox) with my cousin my first day here. 

I guess this contains Jonah Hex spoilers! )

And then my cousin and I did some stuff and went to a party where there was a midget playing beer pong. I know this is disrespectful to note and I'm being rude right now. But it was just so surreal. 

Related note! Why are most of the people I know in LA semi-dating drug dealers?

Um. Um. Um. Right before i left for LA, both the latest apocalypse of [ profile] spnland  AND the SPN Femmeslash Exchange got wrapped up. I am going to pimp the shit out of [ profile] spnland  later, but y'all should seriously go check out the Femmeslash Exchange. We got 50 wonderful gifts- fics, art, and fanmixes. The next round is coming up pretty soon, too, since [ profile] familiardevil  and I have decided to move our exchange schedule around. :) 

Thank you again to everyone who participated, and especially to our pinch hitters. You guys rock my world.

Also, expect a SPN Femmeslash Friending meme sometime in the future. Love the ladies with other ladies? Love the ladies who love the ladies with other ladies? Then you'll love this. ;)  omg I think I lost the thread of that.




I just can't stop smiling. )

Speaking of soccer, I am so worried about America's chance to advance. The ref made such an awful call in the Slovenia game, that even in my Nilmar/Kaka haze of bliss I feel myself getting angry.

Someone please hold me. ):

WILL ANSWER COMMENTS AND PMs TOMORROWISH. (Or July; I am disappearing from the 25th to the 3rd to be a counselor AND OMG I WILL MISS SO MUCH OF THE CUP whyyyyyy)

Night! LOVE YOU.

ETA: Also, this? Least helpful poll ever. This is worse than a British election, Christ.

ETA 2: Laptop still broken, but apparently can be fixed for $200. Older brother said he will loan me the money and then bought me ice cream because I was ): Best big brother ever, y/y?

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Claw- Sirius had been allowed to name her, a mistake Remus would never again make -- hooted irritably, accepted the letter, and flapped off.
--Stealing Harry

[ profile] familiardevil : LOL SIRIUS IS LIKE MY FANON DEAN. Just the most obvious and obnoxious names for pets just to annoy their gay boyfriend.
[ profile] familiardevil : Except Dean would just name it Owl and be done with it.

[ profile] coyotesuspect : Maybe "Who" if he were feeling particularly clever.
[ profile] coyotesuspect : "What's the name of your owl?"
[ profile] coyotesuspect : "Who."
[ profile] coyotesuspect : "Your owl. What's its name?"
[ profile] coyotesuspect : "Who."
[ profile] coyotesuspect : And Dean would be all, "I NAMED IT WHO BECAUSE THAT'S THE SOUND IT MAKES." all innocent like.

[ profile] familiardevil : And Sam would smack his head. Would you call a baby Gurgle? Actually, no, don't answer that. I don't want to imagine you with a child.

[ profile] coyotesuspect : And then Dean would somehow work that into a comment about one of his nicknames for Sam being based on the noises Sam makes during sex.

[ profile] familiardevil : Like how he couldn't do that to Sam, because then they'd both be called Dean.

[ profile] coyotesuspect : YES LOL

[ profile] familiardevil : And Sam would be like, all sassy, well I am certainly not calling you God.

ETA: Related to absolutely nothing, I am somewhat perturbed that at least four girls I graduated high school with are now married or engaged (and one even has a baby!). 
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Title: This Girl Is a Hurricane
: Jo Harvelle
: Jo is the only character in canon to have chosen to be a hunter. She's tough and she's vulnerable; she's brave, and she's naive and she's tragic. This a fanmix that covers the arc of her story and examines who she is and her relationships to her mother, her father, and Dean and Sam. Implied unrequited Jo/Dean.
Dedicated to: [ profile] scorpiod1, not for any special occasion, but because I love you babe, and I love how much you love Jo. Also, I kept thinking of you while making this. Thank you for being such a sweet and wonderful friend.

Fanmix includes front and back covers, lyrics, uploads of individual songs, a .zip of all the songs together, and a bonus poem. 

Enjoy! And remember, feedback is good karma.

Huge thanks to [ profile] familiardevil for the hand-holding, help, and encouragement. ♥ I couldn't (and wouldn't) have done this without you.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

with a heart full of mess and lore, we were doomed but we wanted more )

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

i carry your heart with me

A season 5 Sam/Dean mix by [ profile] familiardevil and [ profile] coyotesuspect


Season 4 proved to us that when Sam and Dean fight, the world ends. Season 5 proved to us that when the boys put their faith into each other, the world is saved. Brothers, soulmates, or whatever they have between them, Sam and Dean keep each other human. Whether they’re going stargazing for hours or going on dates to Jayhawks games, Sam and Dean will die for each other and they’ll live for each other and they’re always Home for each other. Theirs is a love that saved the world, and this is a mix to celebrate that. Consider this our love letter to fandom, to Supernatural, and to the OTP to end all OTPs- Sam/Dean. <33333!


Covers, poetry, lyrics, individual song uploads, a .zip, and epic love here.

Enjoy! Comments are good karma and made honest woman out of.

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This is all [ profile] familiardevil 's fault. Someday, I'm sure, God will punish her.

Title: Plunder
Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Summary: Jared's a viking. He's not very good at it. Lucky for him, Jensen's here to help. CRACK. J2!Viking AU
Rating: PG 13
Word Count: ~200
Spoilers/Warnings: Crack crack crackity crack crack. No spoilers.

Longboats aren't the only things that are long. )

ETA: GUYS. GUYS. Viking!verse has inspired [personal profile] sock_marionette so much, she wrote Bleeding Kansas/pre-American Civil War Jensen/Jared in the comments. READ IT. READ IT NAO. She also suggested that there be more fics about "Jensen dealing with Jared's questionable competency as a wartime badass in a variety of historical circumstances." <--- I AGREE WITH THIS SENTIMENT MUCHLY.

ETA 2: Further proof that Viking!verse is inspirational- and that it's impossible not to ship me- [ profile] taintedlove has written me/herself in the comments, with a side of J2. It's awesome.
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Hypothesis: Almost all movies can easily be reworked as a J2 AU while maintaining most elements of the plot and setting,

Experiment: Tell me your favorite movie, and I'll explain how it would work as a J2 AU.

I'm sick, and forty-five minutes from now, I have to go pretend to know enough German to place out of the college's language competency requirement. I will fail. So humor me, kay? :D?

Also, [ profile] familiardevil and I have a new otp.


We call it Snastiel. Or "Nasti" for short. Epic love, or epicer love?

Ugh. I need to start writing again. I feel so faily.

ETA: For, um, curiosity's sake, what episode of Supernatural do you feel has the most Sam/Dean subtext? All of them is not an option, but you can list multiple episodes if you're really torn.

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Title: Lazarus Park
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: What if Castiel were actually... A VELOCIRAPTOR IN DISGUISE?!?! Gen. Crack, obvs.
Rating: PG 13, mainly for cussing.
Word Count: ~650
Spoilers/Warnings: spoilers through end of season 4; also, this is appropriate for NO ONE.
AN: [ profile] familiardevil  made me do it.



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