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 Hey guys, sorry about the last (now deleted) post. There was just a perfect storm of stress, hormones, exhaustion, and homesickness. But I'm feeling much better now. One of these days I may even get around to responding to comments. /o\

Anyway! A couple of HP mixes I've made recently:

Moon to Moon
a Remus/Sirius Mix

hey love, we'll get away with it

How to Tame Lions
a James/Lily mix

I wanna start over, I wanna be winning, way out of sync from the beginning.
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Title: That the Science of Cartography is Limited
Subject: Remus/Sirius
Summary: I'm pretty sure if you peel away all my different fandoms, and all my loves and OTPs at all my fandoms, you'll find, at the very center, Remus and Sirius slow dancing. I read in one ship manifesto or the other that Remus and Sirius is, even in canon, the story of two misfit boys who found each other and lost each other only to find lose each other again. They're friends and they're comrades, and they love each other a lot, and the circumstances of their time are such that that love still isn't enough. Consider this mix a map of their relationship. It's small and lacking, but the bones of it are there. Also, if my fifteen year old self had her way, this would be all Bright Eyes and Snow Patrol songs. I have mostly avoided that impulse.
Notes: Mix contains front and back covers, individual uploads of 10 songs, and a .zip of all songs plus a bonus song. Title stolen straight from a poem of the same name, and the pictures for the front and back covers were found after hours of trawling through the tumblr fuckyeahsodomites (very NSFW). 

As always, thank you to [ profile] familiardevil , for everything. ♥

it's got lots to do with magnets and the pull of the moon )
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Title: Hogwarts Kitten Nightmare
Fandom: Harry Potter
Summary: James decides to train a kitten circus to impress Evans. Things do not go as planned. MWPP era. Remus/Sirius pre-slash.
Rating: PG
Spoilers/Warnings: Ridiculous crack.
Word Count: ~2600
Notes: Written for [ profile] familiardevil as part of our series of World Cup bets. I love you bb. Thanks to [ profile] cherie_morte and [ profile] scorpiod1 for the encouragement and hand-holding. Title from the similarly titled song Paper Kitten Nightmare by Margot & the Nuclear So and So's

I hope you get rabies. )


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uh, general series spoilers for HP and SPN )

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Claw- Sirius had been allowed to name her, a mistake Remus would never again make -- hooted irritably, accepted the letter, and flapped off.
--Stealing Harry

[ profile] familiardevil : LOL SIRIUS IS LIKE MY FANON DEAN. Just the most obvious and obnoxious names for pets just to annoy their gay boyfriend.
[ profile] familiardevil : Except Dean would just name it Owl and be done with it.

[ profile] coyotesuspect : Maybe "Who" if he were feeling particularly clever.
[ profile] coyotesuspect : "What's the name of your owl?"
[ profile] coyotesuspect : "Who."
[ profile] coyotesuspect : "Your owl. What's its name?"
[ profile] coyotesuspect : "Who."
[ profile] coyotesuspect : And Dean would be all, "I NAMED IT WHO BECAUSE THAT'S THE SOUND IT MAKES." all innocent like.

[ profile] familiardevil : And Sam would smack his head. Would you call a baby Gurgle? Actually, no, don't answer that. I don't want to imagine you with a child.

[ profile] coyotesuspect : And then Dean would somehow work that into a comment about one of his nicknames for Sam being based on the noises Sam makes during sex.

[ profile] familiardevil : Like how he couldn't do that to Sam, because then they'd both be called Dean.

[ profile] coyotesuspect : YES LOL

[ profile] familiardevil : And Sam would be like, all sassy, well I am certainly not calling you God.

ETA: Related to absolutely nothing, I am somewhat perturbed that at least four girls I graduated high school with are now married or engaged (and one even has a baby!). 
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I really [Poll #1528944]

I keep thinking I have a fic to post, and then I realize I haven't finished editing yet.

Oh. And I'm feeling nostalgic. So, please rec me your favorite Sirius/Remus fics? :D Any era, happy or sad, long or short. Just don't rec the Shoebox Project. Not because it isn't great, but because it's kind of obvious. And I am still slightly bitter that it was never finished. Feel free to rec your own stories as well.

ETA:[ profile] familiardevil  explained it to me the other day, but I have since forgotten. How do I make my posts appear on a white, plain background as opposed to looking like my lay out? Thanks!

ETA 2: Question answered!

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So, last night, I accidentally wrote more fic for [ profile] dogdaysofsummer . *sigh*

Love in Many Languages
Fandom: Harry Potter
Summary: The epic love story of Sirius and Remus. 1971-1995
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~3500
Spoilers/Warnings: spoilers through book 5; no warnings.
AN: Fake cut is actually a link. Fake cut is now actual cut.


If it's any consolation, she probably already thought you were a freak. )
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Title: Hibakusha
Fandom: Harry Potter
Summary: "The only thing purebloods learn about the Muggle world is to hate it." Remus/Sirius, post-Hogwarts, pre-Azkaban.
Rating: light R
Word Count: ~1800
Spoilers/Warnings: General series spoilers.
AN: Totally did not mean to write Harry Potter fic, but here's some Remus/Sirius I wrote for [ profile] dogdaysofsummer. Fake cut is actually a link.

He needs to get out of Remus's flat.


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