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Join it.

It's a comm to post fanpoetry that you've written about the Winchesters, or to post poems in general that remind you of the Winchesters.

Flist, I think you all know by now how I feel about both poetry and the Winchesters.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with joy. I expect every single thing Siken's written to be posted there.


Safely at camp! There's internet and I possibly have more free time than anticipated and my roommate who is not supposed to be my roommate (we're very close, and she had an extra bed in her room, so I moved out of mine and into hers) is letting me use her laptop while she sleeps.

So I decided to pimp WINCHESTER POETRY COMM. As it's very important.


omg USA plays Ghana tomorrow and I won't be able to watch until laaaate.
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Hope this does the trick for now, bb. :*

brb Being a camp counselor from now till the 3rdish. I might have internet, but I'll definitely have no time.

Have a good one, lovelies.
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I was going to write a long post, but instead I will simply say: I am done. Finals are finished. I am mostly packed. Good-byes are wrapping up. I have had three and some change hours of sleep the last two nights, but dear  god. I am done.

So now I'm going to watch the Korea vs. Greece match, finish packing, and then it's off to the train station and home.

I won't be around at all the next two days, since I'll be on the train, so if I don't respond to a comment, it's not because I don't like you.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. ♥
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So! Finals are almost upon us here at the good old U of C, and my schedule for the next couple weeks is such:

Saturday, May 29: art festival! all day!
Wednesday, June 2 (last day of classes): humanities presentation
Friday, June 4:  anth. paper due, 10 pages @ 5
                           sosc paper due, 5-6 pages @ 4
Tuesday, June 8: anth final test, @ 4
Wednesday, June 9: humanities paper due, 5-6 pages @ noon
                                     human rights paper due, 10 pages, @ 5 pm

And then I'll be packing up my dorm room and be headed home (via train! crosscountry!) on the 13th.

Thus, I will probably not be around much! Or, at all, really. Which, lol, guess who just made a bunch of new friends in a friending meme? *waves at new friends*

I'll still be taking care of modly duties, and there are things I owe people which I'll still be working on. But I just realized it's been a couple days since I've done more than take a glance at my flist. And that's not fair to you guys.

So, basically, I won't be posting or commenting much over the next two weeks, though I won't be completely gone.

Hope you all are doing awesomely.

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Survived finals! Which means I am now two-thirds of the way through my first year of college. Amazing!

It also means I'm officially on hiatus. I'm off to the Grand Canyon, and I should be back sometime the night of Saturday, the 27th.

I love you and I'll miss you all.

Be good.

♥ ♥ ♥



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