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I owe a ton of comments, but I am super proud of myself for the stupidest reason right now.

Work has been paying me this quarter with physical checks (no direct deposit like this summer). And since the only way for me to deposit checks is to fill out a form and mail my checks to my bank in Texas...My checks have been piling up on my bookshelf all quarter.

But I just filled out the form and endorsed all my checks and put them in a stamped, sealed, and addressed envelope. Like a ... person who actually has a concept of money.

So in 3-7 business days, I should be able to access my money from the past eight weeks of work.

In things I should actually be proud about: I wrote one of my finals essays early! Which means I only have two more essays to write and an exam to take between now and the ninth. Not too shabby, self. Not. Too. Shabby. 

*puts head in hands*

This quarter has been so weird. I've felt so detached from everything. I go to class, I go to work, I do my school work, I hang out with friends. And that's it. ): Blah blah blah. Angsty, introspective journal entry is for another night. Um. Which makes it seem like my last two weekends have not been amazing. But guys my last two weekends have been pretty great

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1- My co-intern and I got called into the office of the executive director this morning. Apparently they've secured enough funding to hire us on part time into the fall.

2- The guy who was going to be my co-intern at my fall job at the university's community service has decided not to take the position. Which means I might have it to myself? If I still have it? There's weird stuff going on there.

3- Last night, I told the group that basically dumped the art festival of doom onto me that I wasn't really going to be around next year and have peaced out of that obligation.

4- The ghost of the art festival remains strong. I have a meeting about it today. I just need to put on my big girl pants and deal with everything, but I keep having mini-panic attacks every time I think about it. ;_;

5- My new exercise regimen remains strong! Monday and Tuesday was more jogging and swimming. Yesterday I slept because I needed it, but today I was up again to play around on the elliptical for thirty minutes. I am actually beginning to enjoy all of this getting up early and sweating and moving around?

I'm getting worried I won't be able to keep it up into the fall though. At this rate, it looks like I'll be working 10-25 hours a week (depending on if the community service center job follows through and depending on how many hours I work at my museum job). And I'll be taking a full load of classes. But I've managed to slough off my other obligations, so that's good. But, idk. It's going to take a lot of careful time scheduling and some serious work effort to juggle all of this.
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To do, by midnight, Wednesday the 8th.

not actually as terrifying as my to-do lists usually are )

And then there are all the fandom things I want/need to do, which I am not going to list because lol who am I kidding? ): I did sign up for [ profile] rs_games though BECAUSE I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO GET BACK INTO FANDOM, DAMMIT.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... I feel like there was something else I wanted to say. OH WELL.
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Thank you to everyone who gave me birthday wishes here, on facebook, or in real life. In particular, thank you to [ profile] twivamp92, [ profile] cacklesthewitch, and [ profile] giantlovetingle for the vgifts. And huge huge huge thanks to [ profile] familiardevil for being the best, most wonderful person to ever exist.

Today was pretty low-key as birthdays go. My friends baked me a cake last night, and I was given some really wonderful tea and a tea mug. My parents bought me a roundtrip to Florida SO I CAN GO VISIT [ profile] familiardevil FOR THE WEEK BETWEEN FINALS AND MY INTERNSHIP STARTING. I've known about this for like a week and a halfish, but it was technically my birthday present. I bought myself a ticket to a soccer game in late June as a birthday present to myself, and I got a lot of hugs. But other than that, pretty much a normal day. (:

Oh, except housing lottery was today. So I know my living situation for next year. For various reasons, I'll be living with three complete strangers. I guess if you're going to play with fate, your birthday's the day to do it on.

Nineteen was a pretty solid year, overall. Finished my first year at college and started my second, jumped into Lake Michigan while drunk during a thunderstorm, traveled across country by train, spent what will probably be my last summer at home, made the Dean's List, returned as a counselor to Girls State, got really into soccer, gave up all my fandom modding duties, was lj_married (and facebook married!) to familiar, started making mixes, went to Wincon, made irl fannish friends, saw familiar irl TWICE, got a really cool part time job, saw three soccer games, went to a lot of plays, declared my major (religious studies!), came out to my mom and a few other people, saw President Obama speak twice, saw Neil Gaiman speak, started learning French, was appointed to a local housing board, was accepted into a great summer internship, was accepted into a study abroad program, won a student leader award, started organizing a big art festival, did a ton of other cool shit like protests and paintballing and the imax Harry Potter and going to talks and getting out the vote and volunteering and and and. Also, I broke one and a half laptops, one and half iPods, and one printer. (Though really, the printer technically broke itself). It really doesn't seem like an entire year has passed.

For twenty, I want to travel more, take better care of myself physically, get another part time job, and start being more active in fandom again.

Man, twenty is such a grown-up sounding number. I can't believe my mom was married by the time she was my age.

Hope you all are doing wonderfully. <3

ps made an Anna/Castiel mix the other day. It can be found here.
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Professor: I watched a man drown once.
Entire class: D: 
Professor: *chuckles as if reminiscing fondly*
Entire class: *jerks away from professor*
Professor: I don't know why I chuckled at that.
Entire class: . . .
Professor: *chuckles again*


Mmm. School. Speaking of, guess what I'm not doing right now? That's right. School. Since yesterday I've written something like 5000 words of ridiculous J2 AU which is not any of the essays or fannish obligations I should be writing.

And, I'm just. I'm almost done. Maybe 1000 to another 2000 words, and it's been so long since I've actually written anything, let alone finished anything (hello oddly productive winter quarter!). That I don't even want to sleep, even though it actually hurts to look at my screen right now and I'll be incredibly busy the next two days because of the Art Festival.

So I'm breaking my hiatus to whine at you about my poor life decisions. Which are poor.

And I still can't write porn. Goddammit.


ETA: Have a poem:

The Blue Boat

How late the daylight edges
toward the northern night
as though journeying
in a blue boat, gilded in mussel shell

with, slung from its mast, a lantern
like our old idea of the soul

-Kathleen Jamie


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