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Happy New Year f'list! And to celebrate the new year- a new comm! I've gotten over my wariness of fanworks comms and have, quite hypocritically, made my own. Feel free to watch if you're so inclined. 

So (almost) all my fics and mixes will from now on be posted at [ profile] spectacularfox.

Yes. That does say fic. I will start writing fic again... someday. Soon. Maybe. 

And how did I spend my first day of the new year? Playing in the snow with my family of course. (: It started snowing last night around 2 in the morning, and continued off and on into this afternoon.

Edgar Allan Snow says, Nevermore Hello.

I fly back to Chicago on Monday for school having spent my break, uh, watching TV with [ profile] familiardevil and playing word games with my family NO REGRETS. Oh, and I saw Tron recently. I almost fell asleep during the ~climactic battle scene. But Olivia Wilde was cute.

I have New Years resolutions, but I didn't write them down except in AIM in conversation with familiar. Something about improving myself as a person, idk.

Here's to the best year yet guys. ♥
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Title: Operation Furious Child
Fandom: uh... LJ RPF
Summary: It's a [ profile] coyotesuspect  /[ profile] familiardevil  Spy AU. And roughly based on true events.
Rating: S for Sexy. No, like PG.
Word Count: 900 for this part, 1700 overall
Part: 2/????
Notes: Written on my iPod while waiting for my sister to finish shopping. I haven't even looked it over before posting. Deliberately written in a ridiculous style.

Part 1 is here.

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[ profile] familiardevil : Friends cut!
[ profile] unavoidedcrisis : These always make me worry that whomever is posting them is a secret agent and needs to go into hiding or like, an informant going into witness protection.
[ profile] cantarina1 : So you are a secret agent! Is Coy the handler you fell for or are you spies on different teams having an illicit affair? OR MAYBE, she's the nerdy tech geek who builds you cool gadgets that you keep breaking on missions? Or is the story too deeply classified for me to know?

And then, I, uh, went to my sister's first volleyball game and typed up the first part of the epic spy love story of coyote and familiar on my iPod. Stop judging me.

Title: Operation Furious Child
Fandom: uh... LJ RPF
Summary: It's a [ profile] coyotesuspect /[ profile] familiardevil Spy AU. And roughly based on true events.
Rating: S for Sexy. No, like PG.
Word Count: 800
Part: 1/????
Notes: Written on my iPod. I haven't even looked it over before posting. Deliberately written in a ridiculous style.

ETA: Oops. Sorry about the lj cut fail. I swear I know what I'm doing.

Cchhhyeah )
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Bullet pointing this bitch:

1) One of my crazy racist uncles is visiting. He spent like twenty minutes the other day trying to convince my dad that Obama was a Muslim. I turned up the volume on the soccer game I was streaming. On the topic of Islamophobia, the whole New York mosque debacle makes me want to cut someone.

2) My little sister started high school! And got braces! And joined the volleyball team! What is this why is my little sister growing up?

3) I've been up since 5:30 this morning watching soccer games.

4) My sleep schedule is the strangest thing ever. Sometimes I have a normal night's sleep. Sometimes I sleep in the afternoon. Sometimes I sleep in the morning. Sometimes I don't sleep at all. I blame [ profile] familiardevil .

5) Earlier this month, [ profile] scorpiod1 wrote me Bela/Henriksen apocafic AU for the [ profile] spn_hetexchange . It is perfect, and exemplifies exactly why I think these two would be such an interesting match. SPN het OTP. ♥

6) Speaking of fic exchanges, I have my gift for [ profile] spnrarepairs to wrap up. I have 4,500 words of fic written and the front cover and song selections of an accompanying mix done, but now I have to push through to the end. Ugh.

7) Holy shit it's raining. THAT OFFICIALLY MEANS SUMMER IS OVER. D: Except I still have a month till school.

8) On the topic of school, I'm flying back to Chicago a week and a half early. Which means I have to figure out who's couch I'm crashing.

9) I just realized I've been doing numbers when I originally said bullet points. Huh.

10) I think my laptop is going to get fixed soon.

And now for something not in list format! I watched the first two episodes of that new Sherlock show on BBC, which is apparently the Next Big Thing in fandom, and my thoughts are below.

Spoilers, natch. )

Bitchfest over, I have an icon meme from like... two weeks ago.

1. Reply to this post with the words WESH WESH WESH and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee

These are from [ profile] kiwiana

a picture's worth )

Surprise!11) I've been reading sarcasticindiefucks for like an hour, and now my internal monologue is in hipster monotone. Goddamn.

evenmoresurprise!12) *sigh* One of my guy friends who everyone thinks I should date/thinks I am already dating called me up and asked me if I wanted to go out for Thai. After we went out for Indian recently. Yes, but I swear to God these better not be dates.


pee ess: [Bad username or site: @] and I want to know who you would cast as Mercutio. We've already got James Franco for Benvolio. Also: Mercutio/Benvolio. You ship it.
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Join [ profile] spnland ! Sign up here!
The new Apocalypse just started and it's awesome.

Join this too!
For once, it's not an exchange that I'm running. BUT THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES.

Sam/Dean/Bela! Sam/Dean/Cassie! Sam/Dean/Anna! Dean/Sam/Dean! (Shut up.)



Also? This. Make me pretty icons of pretty girls! Do want!

Or at least support the makers of pretty icons of pretty girls :D

And finally....

A comm! For poetry! That reminds you of Winchesters! POETRY! WINCHESTERS! ACK.

Join it omg omg.

ETA: To supply some actual content, and not really related to any of this except in that's it's also awesome:

If the Constitution means anything, it does at the very least mean that the Constitution
will not abide a bare congressional desire to harm a politically unpopular group.

-Judge Joseph Tauro, striking down a key part of DoMA.

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lol Like I need another fic obligation. kill me plz

bedtime rituals
Christmas – office/workplace party
making out
Christmas – playing Santa
Christmas – baking cookies
boat ride
illness – shared
stuffed animal
movie night
kissing it better
proposal – public place
sleepy times
bubble bath
anniversary – first
caught in the rain

And to make things interesting...

First five ten (I'm a shameless prompt whore) people who comment with one of the squares and a pairing will get that filled. Fandoms are Supernatural, CWRPF, and Harry Potter.

I'll even do pairings I don't like, since these are short. But be warned, if you prompt me with a pairing I don't like, someone will probably have relations with a unicorn.

List of what's been prompted so I don't forget:

1) making out, Sam/Dean, for [ profile] familiardevil 
2) cuddling (kittens), Sam, Dean, and Castiel, for [ profile] sadlonelyangel 
3) boat ride, Misha Collins/unicorn, for [ profile] callowyn 
4) shopping, Sam/Dean, for [ profile] de_nugis 
5) stuffed animal, Jo/Kat, for [ profile] scorpiod1 
6) movie night, Ruby/Anna, for [ profile] glorifiedlover 
7) sunburn, Adrianne/Genevieve, for [ profile] taintedlove 
8) caught in the rain, Jared/Jensen, for [ profile] gypsy_sunday 
9) bubblebath, Sam/Dean, for [ profile] cherie_morte 
10) fever, Jared/Jensen, for [ profile] twivamp92 
11) Christmas office party, Danneel/Genevieve, for [ profile] bloodnfire 
12) proposal (public place), Sam/Jess. for [ profile] kiwiana 
13) singing, Sam/Dean, for [ profile] loolookitty 
14) first anniversary, Smith/Wesson, for [ profile] zempasuchil 
15) bedtime rituals, Sam/Dean, for [ profile] auroraprimavera 
16) birthday, Sam/Dean, for [ profile] everindelible 

ETA: I know I said "first ten," but clearly I am not bound by arbitrary limits. If there's something you really want, leave a comment, and I will probably oblige. *g*

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Professor: I watched a man drown once.
Entire class: D: 
Professor: *chuckles as if reminiscing fondly*
Entire class: *jerks away from professor*
Professor: I don't know why I chuckled at that.
Entire class: . . .
Professor: *chuckles again*


Mmm. School. Speaking of, guess what I'm not doing right now? That's right. School. Since yesterday I've written something like 5000 words of ridiculous J2 AU which is not any of the essays or fannish obligations I should be writing.

And, I'm just. I'm almost done. Maybe 1000 to another 2000 words, and it's been so long since I've actually written anything, let alone finished anything (hello oddly productive winter quarter!). That I don't even want to sleep, even though it actually hurts to look at my screen right now and I'll be incredibly busy the next two days because of the Art Festival.

So I'm breaking my hiatus to whine at you about my poor life decisions. Which are poor.

And I still can't write porn. Goddammit.


ETA: Have a poem:

The Blue Boat

How late the daylight edges
toward the northern night
as though journeying
in a blue boat, gilded in mussel shell

with, slung from its mast, a lantern
like our old idea of the soul

-Kathleen Jamie
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I have a disgusting cold and I feel like someone's been beating me with a stick.[Poll #1558442]I keep running into walls when I walk. *sigh*

This clip from next week's episode of Supernatural made me laugh though. Spoilers, obvs. (And very minor spoilers in comments.)

Yesterday, in the dining hall, I was standing in line behind this guy who was, apparently, just waiting for his friend. Once his friend got what he wanted, the guy turned around and stepped on my foot. Then, instead of apologizing or excusing himself, he opened his mouth really wide, went "BAAAAAAAP," and walked away.



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