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Sign ups are only open until August 21st. So sign up now! :D
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Okay, you know how I say I don't like/am generally ambivalent to porn? That kind of changes when it's girl!smut. Maybe I just don't like penises.

Anyway! come play with us!


You can prompt up until August 1st. Fulfilling prompts, however, will go on for an unlimited amount of time.

The next round of the Supernatural Femmeslash Exchange starts August 1st - make sure to sign up if you're interested!


Also relevant:

I've already written like 5,000 words of fluffy, plotless, obscure RPF college AU. Because my brain hates me. e___e

Other things:
1) I saw Inception yesterday! It was great. I have a giant, bizarre theory about it which I will post later.

2) Today was traumatizing. omg so traumatizing. Someone please hold me.

3) The laptop situation may have been resolved! (Yay!) But at the cost of my iPod. (Boo!)

I think I need a nap.
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Join [ profile] spnland ! Sign up here!
The new Apocalypse just started and it's awesome.

Join this too!
For once, it's not an exchange that I'm running. BUT THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES.

Sam/Dean/Bela! Sam/Dean/Cassie! Sam/Dean/Anna! Dean/Sam/Dean! (Shut up.)



Also? This. Make me pretty icons of pretty girls! Do want!

Or at least support the makers of pretty icons of pretty girls :D

And finally....

A comm! For poetry! That reminds you of Winchesters! POETRY! WINCHESTERS! ACK.

Join it omg omg.

ETA: To supply some actual content, and not really related to any of this except in that's it's also awesome:

If the Constitution means anything, it does at the very least mean that the Constitution
will not abide a bare congressional desire to harm a politically unpopular group.

-Judge Joseph Tauro, striking down a key part of DoMA.

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I've been 19 for three hours now! It's been a pretty fantastic three hours so far, too. My friends surprised me with delicious cake at midnight. Then we sang along to Taylor Swift and Lady GaGa for awhile and I was given a beautiful green beaded necklace and a really funky zebra scarf stripe. Later, I found a page of haikus pushed beneath my door that my best platonic guy friend wrote for me.

A sample:

Your hair is quite red
Like a stoplight in LA

It's art, I tell you.

Then I come back to the internet to find that [ profile] cherie_morte  has posted lovely, fantastic Sam/Dean schmoopy birthday fic for me. There was much delighted clapping. You know what else resulted in much delighted clapping? The Femmeslash Exchange fic [ profile] bloodnfire  wrote for me. It's Jo/Kat! (Kat being the girl from Asylum) And it's actually the story I've always wanted someone to write for them.

And then, and THEN, the universe shows me that my birthday is going to be even better than I thought, because I see this:

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Have we talked about how much I love crack? Because I REALLY LOVE crack. Go write me crack.

And while I'm pimping things that are awesome...

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[ profile] spnrarepairs  [ profile] spnrarepairs  [ profile] spnrarepairs  [ profile] spnrarepairs  [ profile] spnrarepairs 

Shockingly, I am not running this one. But I am participating, and you should too. 

Finally, my cold is MUCH better. 

Now let's just hope the rest of my birthday continues to be so awesome. :D
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SO.[Poll #1530788][Poll #1530788]
Also, if I really, truly gather up the gumption to do this, I'd probably like a co-mod. Anyone interested? 

Meh. I feel like I had more to say, but it turns out I do not. My life is good. Hope yours is too.

ETA: OMG This is horrible/amazing.

But mostly horrible. )

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If you want some love, that post is here. Everyone is welcome, because everyone is loved. <3

If you want a Christmas/Season's Greeting card, that post is here. (And currently f-locked).

If you want to sign up for a Sam/Dean exchange (and you do), that is here.

If you want to sign up for a SPN femmeslash exchange (and you do), that is here.
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A femmeslash fic/art/and fanmix exchange devoted to the kickass, fine-ass, badass, and hotass women of Supernatural and Supernatural RPF.


Sign ups run through November 25th, assignments go out not long after, and posting begins February 1st.

All pairings, as long as they're f/f- and that includes pairings like girl!Sam/girl!Dean- are welcome.

Rules here, and more info here.

Because fandom- and Dean Winchester agrees- needs more vagina.


(I'm comodding with

[ profile] familiardevil and [ profile] bloodnfire . Much love from me if you join. <3 And please pimp the fuck out of this!)



Also, sorry about being lax on commenting and replying to comments lately. I WILL DO BETTER.


Have a good week, y'all.


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