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I interviewed today for a position on the editorial staff of the campus creative writing magazine. It was a group interview, and, as part of it, we were asked to look at two pieces and decide whether or not we would include them in the magazine. One was a poem, the other a photograph.

The poem just wasn't very good. The photograph, however, was interesting; it was of a pile of trash in a Chinese street  with people casually walking by. The title was "Public Health." It had bright, visually arresting colors, an interesting and thought provoking subject matter, and a great title. But the composition was jumbled and discordant, the cropping done poorly. It was, as one of the other candidates for the position put it, "like a point and shoot picture." If it had been cropped better, or taken at a better angle, it could have been a very nice piece.

One of the interviewers brought up the point that maybe the photographer had intended it to look that way. Maybe the composition was supposed to look like a point and shoot in order to say something about the chaoticness of a rapidly industrializing China, about the casualness with which the people in the photograph treated the pile of garbage.

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I've been thinking about season 4 of Supernatural (again) and I have a question...

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God, I don't even know what that was. That was all over the place. I've had a lot of sugar today.

To make this post even more gratuitous, Captain America, everyone:

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Awhile ago, right before [ profile] spnland  closed, I told a couple people I would write up why I shipped wincest. Then I forgot about it. I remembered this morning. Wrote it up. And here we are- a 1200 word manifesto on why I ship Sam/Dean, which will probably only be of interest to those two people I promised I'd write it for.

Thanks to [ profile] familiardevil  for looking this over for me. It's always good to have someone support my crazy. <3 (And, yes, I kept the title because it amused me.)  


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Warning: This contains very minor casting spoilers for next week's episode; casting spoilers you already know about if you watched the promo.

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