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The new Apocalypse just started and it's awesome.

Join this too!
For once, it's not an exchange that I'm running. BUT THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES.

Sam/Dean/Bela! Sam/Dean/Cassie! Sam/Dean/Anna! Dean/Sam/Dean! (Shut up.)



Also? This. Make me pretty icons of pretty girls! Do want!

Or at least support the makers of pretty icons of pretty girls :D

And finally....

A comm! For poetry! That reminds you of Winchesters! POETRY! WINCHESTERS! ACK.

Join it omg omg.

ETA: To supply some actual content, and not really related to any of this except in that's it's also awesome:

If the Constitution means anything, it does at the very least mean that the Constitution
will not abide a bare congressional desire to harm a politically unpopular group.

-Judge Joseph Tauro, striking down a key part of DoMA.

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I've been 19 for three hours now! It's been a pretty fantastic three hours so far, too. My friends surprised me with delicious cake at midnight. Then we sang along to Taylor Swift and Lady GaGa for awhile and I was given a beautiful green beaded necklace and a really funky zebra scarf stripe. Later, I found a page of haikus pushed beneath my door that my best platonic guy friend wrote for me.

A sample:

Your hair is quite red
Like a stoplight in LA

It's art, I tell you.

Then I come back to the internet to find that [ profile] cherie_morte  has posted lovely, fantastic Sam/Dean schmoopy birthday fic for me. There was much delighted clapping. You know what else resulted in much delighted clapping? The Femmeslash Exchange fic [ profile] bloodnfire  wrote for me. It's Jo/Kat! (Kat being the girl from Asylum) And it's actually the story I've always wanted someone to write for them.

And then, and THEN, the universe shows me that my birthday is going to be even better than I thought, because I see this:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Have we talked about how much I love crack? Because I REALLY LOVE crack. Go write me crack.

And while I'm pimping things that are awesome...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

[ profile] spnrarepairs  [ profile] spnrarepairs  [ profile] spnrarepairs  [ profile] spnrarepairs  [ profile] spnrarepairs 

Shockingly, I am not running this one. But I am participating, and you should too. 

Finally, my cold is MUCH better. 

Now let's just hope the rest of my birthday continues to be so awesome. :D
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Oh, fuck. I have a bazillion fandom and real life things I need to do, but I'm just gonna spam y'all instead.

Some things that make me happy:

This video. It's a SPN gen ensemble piece, and it's made me cry every time I watch it. Thanks to [ profile] wutendeskind for the tip-off. It really gets to the heart of the show. It's set to Carbon Leaf's 'What About Everything?" and it's fantastic. Scenes from season 5, for those of you on my flist avoiding spoilers for that season.

This vid by [ profile] mithborien is also fantastic. It's wincest, and it's a really beautiful- sometimes hurty- look at the boys' relationship. The song is Rebellion (Lies, Lies) by Arcade Fire, which wouldn't be my immediate choice for an Arcade Fire Sam/Dean song, but the vidder makes it work wonderfully.

If you'd like to leave feedback for the first vid, go here. For the second, here.

Also happymaking:

This fic by [ profile] hateable . It's R-rated Jo/Ruby, with some stunning writing and spot-on characterization. Thanks to [ profile] bloodnfire for the tip off on that one.

[ profile] lackadaisy wrote me Anna/male!Ruby porn here. So that's completely awesome. And, in the past 24 hours, I've also beta'd fic for [ profile] dugindeep , who wrote a lovely, incredibly achey fic about Jensen's engagement, here(Jensen/Jared, NC-17), as well as for [ profile] akeyoftime , who wrote a short, thoughtful, funny-til-it's-not what if? about last Thursday's Supernatural. (Gen, PG-13), here.

Then [ profile] familiardevil made a "Love in Supernatural" picspam. Which just makes me wave my hands around in fists of glee. It's pretty and thoughtful and heartwarming. Though, warning for implied wincest.

Also, there's that "give me a character and I'll tell you my personal canon about them" meme going around. And since I'm too lazy to think of actual facts about characters, I'm gonna shake the meme up a bit, and give you this:

Name a character in any fandom that I'm in, and I will tell you why I love them.

All characters are invited. Yes, [ profile] stubbel , even Castiel. I've decided the best way to handle things I don't like in my fandoms is to concentrate on what I do like about them. Or maybe I'm still on an endorphin high from Thursday. WHO KNOWS.

For those of who would like to be told why I love you, that post is still here. And there's still time to get a Christmas card from me here. Sign ups for the [ profile] samdeanexchange and [ profile] spn_fs_exchange are also still open.

Finally, to wrap up this hellishly long post, have some crack beneath the cut.

That's all for now folks. Possibly I'll make as "THIS IS REAL LIFE" post later this week.

Possibly I will actually finish a real fic and post that. Miracles, miracles. Wish me luck on my (second) math midterm Thursday. <3

ETA: I've been considering making a Master Fic List, but I'm not sure if I want to clutter up my lj like that/if that would be kind of, idk, vain? on my part. XD What think you, o'flist?

Eh. Put a Master Fic list up. Can be found here.

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So, many moons ago, (or a moon and a half ago, idek, something like that), I said: Someone should write a fic where Sam and Dean have to hunt down a "muse" that's been sucking people dry by making them forget everything else (food, sleep, friends) in the name of their art. She/he/it could also randomly decide to ditch the artist and leave them feeling broken and depressed because ~zomg~! Their inspiration has disappeared

[profile] cherie_morte then said the equivalent of, "Hey! I'll do it!"


And I danced with glee.

Then, she actually wrote it. She wrote it over a month ago. AND I DIDNT REALIZE IT UNTIL TONIGHT. OMG SELF. HOW SO FAILY?

But I just read it. And it's funny. And it's smart. And it's wincesty, if that's not your thing.

And if it is your thing, then you should go read it, too.

Sing, Heavenly Muse


Oh. And apparently there's this drabble meme going around. And I was like, "OH HAY WRITE ME DRABBLE PLZ," and didn't read the part where it said, "You also have to do this writing drabble thing." Blah blah blah. Fandom reciprocity cakes.


The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of ANY pairing/character of their choosing (of ANY fandom) from me (with a prompt, if it pleases you to give me one). In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

A few notes:

1) If you want a drabble, you do not have to do the meme. I am not holding you to any level of fandom reciprocity.

2) I make no promises regarding the quality of these drabbles, or the speed with which they are completed.

3) Y'all know my fandoms, more or less. And feel free to request any pairing. Because if it's something I don't like, a) it's only 100 words and b) I will find a way to make it cracky or into something I do like.

eta 4) I also make no promises that what you end up with will actually qualify as a drabble. 100 words is often times several hundred words too short.

eta 5) It is currently five in the morning and I haven't slept. I make no promise that anything I write will actually be coherent.

eta 6) And y'all can ask for more than Supernatural. I'll write Glee and CWRPF and Leverage and Psych and Harry Potter and, hell, iCarly. Whatever you want that I have ever talked about or shown interest in. Not that I mind all the SPN prompts. I'm just sayin', don't feel hemmed in. ;D


Requests made so far: 10/10

Requests finished so far: 3*/10

*one actually has bonus porn coming to it


Damn. I've been spammy lately. Sorry about that folks!

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So, I promise my next update will be fic. No. Really. It will be. (Yes, [ profile] familiardevil , it will be your fic, and I am sorry that it's late.)

Speak of [ profile] familiardevil (Yes, that's a pun. Go ahead, laugh. I'll wait for you to finish.), y'all should read The Angelic Sins of Swords and Bloody Echoes. It's the best kind of crack. Completely insane, but still extremely clever, and I literally had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. It's Sam/Dean, it's rated R, it's not long, and it's hilarious. STARRING GABRIEL TIGERMAN AS THE ANGEL GABRIEL.

[ profile] familiardevil claims that I beta'd it, but that really just means I ROFL'd while she wrote the story to me via AIM. And I may have made the cracktastical header for her. : X

Now have a meme. I nabbed it from several people. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Post a fandom of mine and I'll tell you my.

♥ OTPs:
♥ Canon Ships:
♥ DNW Ships:
♥ Guilty Pleasure Ships:
♥ Frysquint and Ponder Ships:
♥ Crack Ships:
♥ Non-Ships that Everyone Else Ships:

Fandoms are: Supernatural, Harry Potter, Leverage, Glee, Entourage, HIMYM, Psych, Bones, CWRPS, and, idk, a lot of others. Just throw something at me and if I don't know the fandom, I'll just make something up. Mmkay?

I (STILL) haven't seen 5.03, but-OMG- IT'S FINALLY UP ON THE CW'S WEBSITE. Except it's my first day of classes tomorrow, and I have to wake up at six in the morning to go jump in the lake (No, really. I do. It's a house tradition.) I was gonna say screw it and spend 45 minutes watching the episode, but my friend called and I spent 45 minutes talking to him instead. So I think I'll just sleep and watch 5.03 tomorrow.

Finally, have a poem:

I Would Remain by Night with You

I would remain by night with you
who, having held me once, wrapped everything I knew
into my sleeping body's hold and held fast and stayed.

Read more... )

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Watch the Weather Change by [ profile] paxlux 
Sam/Dean, R, 38,000 words.

Absolutely stunning story. It's season 3 AU and a long casefile which makes use of a great legend. One of those rare fics that manages to balance characterization, description, dialogue, and action perfectly. The dynamic between Sam and Dean is spot on, and I can't get over how lush and gorgeous the author's style is. There's just the right amount of UST and schmoop too.

And it'll bring out the inner storm chaser in you. 

Sam makes him crazy, Sam his partner-in-crime, fellow adrenaline junkie and getaway driver, co-author of their bullshit tall tales, his little brother.



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