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Dear God lj, what is this comment fuckery? If you haven't already, please voice your disapproval here and here.

I've changed my comments here and at my fanworks community to customized, because at least then I have icon drop down, subject lines, and the thread and parent buttons. Also, comments pages are not actually painful to look at that way.

I also may start actually moving base to dreamwidth.


In news that is not lj fucking shit up again, I've been busy! In no particular order: The quarter ended. Finals happened. I did the best I've ever done (A, A, A, A-). Which probably points to how much happier and better-adjusted I am this year than I was last year. My internship from this summer wrapped up. I made some soccer friends (hi [ profile] rhombal) I saw the National in concert. (They were amazing.) I did all my Christmas shopping. I lived in a blanket fort with [ profile] gold_bluepoint and [ profile] zempasuchil for over 48 hours (spoiler: we drank a lot and watched Supernatural). There were more roommate shenanigans. I cut off almost all my hair. I got a twitter.

And I flew home for the holidays. (:

Also, I made this Annie/Britta mix for [ profile] pada_something for Christmas!

I tried to read between the lines you wrote inside your black notebook

And I saw Sherlock II today with an old friend. I enjoyed it a lot, even as I had a lot of problems with it.

I miss you guys. I keep meaning to be more involved with lj again. But now that it actually physically pains me to look at most comments, I will probably just flee back to the dark safety of tumblr. ):

ETA: Comments now contain spoilers for Sherlock Holmes II: A Game of Shadows
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F'list! I am seriously considering getting a ~druhmahtic hair cut. I haven't had a serious amount taken off since... sophomore year of high school when Super Cuts sliced off my ponytail and sent me on my merry way.

Four and a half years later, my hair is very thick, very curly, and once again very long. It's also been driving me nuts and really dry and blech lately. This is probably nothing a deep conditioning couldn't fix, but I kind of want to shake things up, you know? My plan is to get it done at a nice salon my boss recommended to me.

So, f'list, if you have any links to short, curly hairstyles, could you help a girl out? I'm thinking of going anywhere between chin and shoulder length. I have a round face, so I know most short hairstyles aren't going to look good anyway, but I would like something better than the frizzy pyramid shape I got after aforementioned 10th grade ponytail chopping.

Second request for advice: How do I turn the ask box on on tumblr? I would ask on tumblr, but no one would be able to respond to me. :,(

I hope you're all well. I had a ~*~magical~*~ and hedonistic weekend in Madison with [ profile] animus_wyrmis, [ profile] zempasuchil, and [ profile] gold_bluepoint. We lounged around wyrm's apartment drinking alcohol and tea (and, in my case, alcohol in my tea), interneting, watching movies, playing FMK, and generally doing piss-all. I may have been mildly inebriated most of the weekend, and thus don't remember much about Friday's Supernatural other than that I enjoyed it. Saturday at around 3pm, [ profile] gold_bluepoint and I made a grocery store run. We bought: three bottles of various alcohol, a bag of pixie stix, a bag of Reece's (half off Halloween candy!), a bag of Ruffles (rrrridged for her pleasure), and cheese.

Life is mostly pretty good.

Oh! And I just remembered. I have a new roommate. My old two roommates are still here, but the new one showed up today. So. I only met her as she was moving in. Hopefully she won't also want to sleep on the couch.


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