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Four quick things:

1) I've been working out every day since Tuesday! A friend and I went jogging then swimming in the lake Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Thursday and Friday I worked out in the gym in my building for a bit. And then Saturday and today [ profile] zempasuchil and I hit the university gym for an hour each day. Awwww yeah. 8)

2) I am going to Madison next weekend to visit [ profile] animus_wyrmis at her brand new grown up apartment!

3) I made this!

You're in a Car with a Beautiful Boy - a Richard Siken Mix

4) What mix should I work on next:

[Poll #1767993]
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Hey everybody! Sorry about the post last night. ): I just had a EVERYTHING BAD IS HAPPENING AT ONCE combined with I AM PRETTY DRUNK AND ALSO WITHOUT ANYONE TO CUDDLE RN kind of night. But earlier in the night was all kinds of wonderful! Thanks to everyone who commented. <3333[Poll #1759245]And even if there is no interest in doing some kind of support group, I am going to try to do at least weekly updates of my own goals/progress/lack of progress, etc. Because having an audience helps. :P

<3 <3 <3

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uh, general series spoilers for HP and SPN )

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So, uh, I haven't really mentioned this to most people yet, but I signed up for [Poll #1579637]Thanks to everyone who has bothered to read these and fill out the poll. I realize I am sometimes insufferable, and I appreciate you all putting up with me.

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I have a disgusting cold and I feel like someone's been beating me with a stick.[Poll #1558442]I keep running into walls when I walk. *sigh*

This clip from next week's episode of Supernatural made me laugh though. Spoilers, obvs. (And very minor spoilers in comments.)

Yesterday, in the dining hall, I was standing in line behind this guy who was, apparently, just waiting for his friend. Once his friend got what he wanted, the guy turned around and stepped on my foot. Then, instead of apologizing or excusing himself, he opened his mouth really wide, went "BAAAAAAAP," and walked away.

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SO.[Poll #1530788][Poll #1530788]
Also, if I really, truly gather up the gumption to do this, I'd probably like a co-mod. Anyone interested? 

Meh. I feel like I had more to say, but it turns out I do not. My life is good. Hope yours is too.

ETA: OMG This is horrible/amazing.

But mostly horrible. )

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I was sitting in the dining hall daydreaming about the superhero J2 AU I am kind of sort of 2000 words into, when it occurred to me [Poll #1529224]
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I really [Poll #1528944]

I keep thinking I have a fic to post, and then I realize I haven't finished editing yet.

Oh. And I'm feeling nostalgic. So, please rec me your favorite Sirius/Remus fics? :D Any era, happy or sad, long or short. Just don't rec the Shoebox Project. Not because it isn't great, but because it's kind of obvious. And I am still slightly bitter that it was never finished. Feel free to rec your own stories as well.

ETA:[ profile] familiardevil  explained it to me the other day, but I have since forgotten. How do I make my posts appear on a white, plain background as opposed to looking like my lay out? Thanks!

ETA 2: Question answered!


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