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1) Rec me tumblrs? Right now me finding tumblrs to follow has largely consisted of typing "fuckyeah[thing I like] into my url bar and going from there.

2) If you added me on tumblr and your tumblr name is not similar to your lj name, let me know? I'd just like to place names with, er, other names. Also, if you haven't already, let me know your tumblr name. :3

3) I have spent 70% of today watching soccer and tumblring and 20% actually studying for my midterm tomorrow. Midterm weekend was not a good weekend to discover tumblr. (The other 10% of the day was probably spent making tea. AS TEN PERCENT OF ALL MY DAYS ARE.)

4) Next weekend I will be visiting [ profile] animus_wyrmis with [ profile] zempasuchil and [ profile] gold_bluepoint

5) Speaking of [ profile] gold_bluepoint, I meant to rec this awhile ago: BUT LOOK AT THIS. LOOOK AT IIIIT. Sam/Dean art, harlequin romance style.

6) LA Galaxy won the first leg of their semifinals play off. I am pleased.

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So today was an absolutely fantastic day in US soccer. But, let's say I was screaming with rage through parts of it. And screaming with sheer joy and elation by the end of it.

the most emotional soccer game I have ever seen. )

It's been said a million times today, but you could not write a better story than this.

The stunning, saintlike, brilliant, stone cold Hope Solo thanks you for your time.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In other news! Huge thank yous to [ profile] scorpiod1, [ profile] cherie_morte, [ profile] locknkey, and [ profile] wutendeskind for the kisses now decorating my profile. You guys are sweet. <33333

In other-other news, the rules, set up and schedule guide, and mission statement of [ profile] sparklegrit have all been posted. [ profile] sparklegrit being that fitness comm idea I told y'all about. If you're interested, go over and take a gander, and report back to me with any comments or concerns you might have. If there's a general consensus that the rules, etc are good, I'll officially open things tomorrow before I leave to pick [ profile] familiardevil up from the airport. ^___^

On the sparklegrit note- I've been keeping track of my calories for a week. And now that I have a better idea of what I eat and how much I eat, I'd worked out a pretty solid diet and exercise plan if I do say so myself.

Cue my mom sending me a boxful of candy. -_____-

Have a good night y'all. <3333
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It's so green. Which I am used to! But such a different quality of green from what I'm used to. It's brighter and glossier and more yellow. And the sky is different! And the quality of light! The buildings are really different too. idk, it reminds me of Rome + LA + something else???. Oh man, the subtropics. I'm so excited to be someplace so ~new~ to me.

I'm having a fabulous time. [Bad username or site: @] and I took a two and half hour public transportation adventure to the Miami zoo. I lost my purse, but w/e. I had all my valuables in my pocket and the most valuable thing I lost was the purse itself.

The zoo was woooonderful. It's really large, and there's a ton of animals. And the weather was (and has been) absolutely perfect. When we got back, familiar introduced me to Game of Thrones. I have ~thoughts~ but that is for another day/post. (Spoiler alert: Fucking Lannisters. Go kill yourselves.)

Then yesterday her parents drove us to Tampa. (familiar's family is super nice, btw). And last night we went to a soccer game- the US versus Panama. The US lost which was super shocking and upsetting. Shit refereeing, but we should have played better. )))): BUT WE STILL HAD A REALLY GREAT TIME AND OUR BOYS WILL BRING IT IN THE NEXT GAME. This just makes our inevitable victory all the sweeter. Oh, and I bought a US supporters scarf. Which I've wanted forever. It was pretty expensive, but I'm not caring about money this trip, especially because I'm just spending my awards money anyway. ^___^

Now today we're going to the aquarium! And then to familiar's grandparents who have a pool and live near a nice beach and who will be bringing us to Harry Potter Land tomorrow. SO EXCITE.

Sorry for such a rushed entry! I'm sitting in the hotel lobby about to leave.

I LOVE YOU ALL. (But I love familiar the most.)
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Title: Like I Wish I Had Fire
Subject: Iker/David, Casillas/Beckham, Bicker, Becksillas, etc, etc.
Summary: Made as an early Christmas present for [ profile] familiardevil . I fully admit that this will make no sense to anyone besides her. Basically, David Beckham and Iker Casillas are two of the most famous football/soccer players in the world. For a while, they played on the same team (lol why am I making a Real Madrid mix?) and had a really amazing bromance. Then David moved to LA to play for the LA Galaxy (fuck yeah) and made Iker look like sad!Orlando Bloom. (They're still friends though; David stuck around in South Africa to watch Iker and Spain win the World Cup this year.)

These are The Facts. So of course familiardevil and I came up with A Story to go with these facts. That story, as summarized by familiar (and with some modifications by yours truly) is thus, "David moves to Iker's team. David woos Iker. David and Iker have a  lot of sex. Iker falls in love with David. David is an asshole to Iker and sleeps around and makes Iker's heart ache all the time. Iker breaks things off. David is sad but pretends he isn't. Iker is sad and tries to move on. Eventually David stops being such a snake, and he and Iker get back together." This mix is that story as told through song.

Or you could not read all that and just enjoy the music. Mix contains front and back covers, individual uploads of 11 songs, and a .zip of all songs.

Who's the boy you like the most? )
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First things first, in the immortal battle between fandom and LJ, our cruel reptilian overlords have now included a "repost to twitter or facebook" option for all our comments. Not cool LJ!

So I'm signal boosting a work around to that problem: HERE BBs HERE. Thanks to [ profile] cantarina1 and [ profile] sigrundora for the heads up.

I still have a question though. )

In good news, two things:

1) I bought tickets for a soccer game! US vs. Poland on October 9th. Omg you guys I am so excited. I'm also broke, so, you know. That's good life choices for you. BUT OMG I WILL GET TO SEE SOME OF MY BBs PLAY IN REAL LIFE. OMG. And I got pretty good seats too despite picking the second cheapest option. Probably because I bought tickets the day after they went on sale. I'm in the ninth row in section 103.

2) My dad will probably-most likely-keep your fingers crossed for me, come to Chicago the weekend before Thanksgiving for work. Which means I will get to see him! And probably mooch dinner off of him. But mostly I am excited about getting to see someone in my family that close to the holidays.

3) One of my college friends sent me sugar cookies. :D YAY!

Now, because it did promise a cycle of never ending icon squee, have the icon meme. Again:

meme time )

I hope you're all well. ♥
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Bullet pointing this bitch:

1) One of my crazy racist uncles is visiting. He spent like twenty minutes the other day trying to convince my dad that Obama was a Muslim. I turned up the volume on the soccer game I was streaming. On the topic of Islamophobia, the whole New York mosque debacle makes me want to cut someone.

2) My little sister started high school! And got braces! And joined the volleyball team! What is this why is my little sister growing up?

3) I've been up since 5:30 this morning watching soccer games.

4) My sleep schedule is the strangest thing ever. Sometimes I have a normal night's sleep. Sometimes I sleep in the afternoon. Sometimes I sleep in the morning. Sometimes I don't sleep at all. I blame [ profile] familiardevil .

5) Earlier this month, [ profile] scorpiod1 wrote me Bela/Henriksen apocafic AU for the [ profile] spn_hetexchange . It is perfect, and exemplifies exactly why I think these two would be such an interesting match. SPN het OTP. ♥

6) Speaking of fic exchanges, I have my gift for [ profile] spnrarepairs to wrap up. I have 4,500 words of fic written and the front cover and song selections of an accompanying mix done, but now I have to push through to the end. Ugh.

7) Holy shit it's raining. THAT OFFICIALLY MEANS SUMMER IS OVER. D: Except I still have a month till school.

8) On the topic of school, I'm flying back to Chicago a week and a half early. Which means I have to figure out who's couch I'm crashing.

9) I just realized I've been doing numbers when I originally said bullet points. Huh.

10) I think my laptop is going to get fixed soon.

And now for something not in list format! I watched the first two episodes of that new Sherlock show on BBC, which is apparently the Next Big Thing in fandom, and my thoughts are below.

Spoilers, natch. )

Bitchfest over, I have an icon meme from like... two weeks ago.

1. Reply to this post with the words WESH WESH WESH and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee

These are from [ profile] kiwiana

a picture's worth )

Surprise!11) I've been reading sarcasticindiefucks for like an hour, and now my internal monologue is in hipster monotone. Goddamn.

evenmoresurprise!12) *sigh* One of my guy friends who everyone thinks I should date/thinks I am already dating called me up and asked me if I wanted to go out for Thai. After we went out for Indian recently. Yes, but I swear to God these better not be dates.


pee ess: [Bad username or site: @] and I want to know who you would cast as Mercutio. We've already got James Franco for Benvolio. Also: Mercutio/Benvolio. You ship it.
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This is a long promised spam of football/soccer players for my beloved [Bad username or site: @], with a heavy emphasis on the national teams of the US, Spain, Germany, and Brazil.

This is in no way an exhaustive guide to important players, just ones I'm particularly fond of, largely having to do with reasons of them being attractive and/or adorable. It also contains almost zero analysis. My apologies for not accenting names and clubs appropriately.

But it's full of really hot men, okay? Possibly the least dial up friendly thing ever.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A multinational assortment of attractive men welcome you in.

An appreciation of the male form. )

Note on sources: Pictures are from all over the place- various lj comms, tumblr, google images, [Bad username or site: @]'s magnificent spamming of [Bad username or site: @]'s journal. Facts are mainly from wikipedia, articles, and interviews I've read/watched with the players.
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[ profile] motherlessguns  [ profile] motherlessguns  [ profile] motherlessguns 

Join it.

It's a comm to post fanpoetry that you've written about the Winchesters, or to post poems in general that remind you of the Winchesters.

Flist, I think you all know by now how I feel about both poetry and the Winchesters.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with joy. I expect every single thing Siken's written to be posted there.


Safely at camp! There's internet and I possibly have more free time than anticipated and my roommate who is not supposed to be my roommate (we're very close, and she had an extra bed in her room, so I moved out of mine and into hers) is letting me use her laptop while she sleeps.

So I decided to pimp WINCHESTER POETRY COMM. As it's very important.


omg USA plays Ghana tomorrow and I won't be able to watch until laaaate.
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Hope this does the trick for now, bb. :*

brb Being a camp counselor from now till the 3rdish. I might have internet, but I'll definitely have no time.

Have a good one, lovelies.
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That's right. This flyass, sexass mothafucka hangs around presidents with his shirt off. HEYO.

President Clinton and Captain America welcome you in to the party.

~*~Really image heavy, bbs~*~

Party in my pants (and the USA)...and beneath the cut. )

lol I just uploaded a ton of soccer icons and now my icon add ons have run out. /o\

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 Oh, so, I've been in LA the last couple days for my grandma's 80th birthday. Heeeey. I love/hate this city. 

Sorry for being such an awful friend lately. Unless you are [ profile] familiardevil  and talking to me about soccer, I probably have not been talking to you. (And this includes real life friends and my parents because I suck.)

BUUUUUT! I did go see Jonah Hex (that superhero cowboy movie with Megan Fox) with my cousin my first day here. 

I guess this contains Jonah Hex spoilers! )

And then my cousin and I did some stuff and went to a party where there was a midget playing beer pong. I know this is disrespectful to note and I'm being rude right now. But it was just so surreal. 

Related note! Why are most of the people I know in LA semi-dating drug dealers?

Um. Um. Um. Right before i left for LA, both the latest apocalypse of [ profile] spnland  AND the SPN Femmeslash Exchange got wrapped up. I am going to pimp the shit out of [ profile] spnland  later, but y'all should seriously go check out the Femmeslash Exchange. We got 50 wonderful gifts- fics, art, and fanmixes. The next round is coming up pretty soon, too, since [ profile] familiardevil  and I have decided to move our exchange schedule around. :) 

Thank you again to everyone who participated, and especially to our pinch hitters. You guys rock my world.

Also, expect a SPN Femmeslash Friending meme sometime in the future. Love the ladies with other ladies? Love the ladies who love the ladies with other ladies? Then you'll love this. ;)  omg I think I lost the thread of that.




I just can't stop smiling. )

Speaking of soccer, I am so worried about America's chance to advance. The ref made such an awful call in the Slovenia game, that even in my Nilmar/Kaka haze of bliss I feel myself getting angry.

Someone please hold me. ):

WILL ANSWER COMMENTS AND PMs TOMORROWISH. (Or July; I am disappearing from the 25th to the 3rd to be a counselor AND OMG I WILL MISS SO MUCH OF THE CUP whyyyyyy)

Night! LOVE YOU.

ETA: Also, this? Least helpful poll ever. This is worse than a British election, Christ.

ETA 2: Laptop still broken, but apparently can be fixed for $200. Older brother said he will loan me the money and then bought me ice cream because I was ): Best big brother ever, y/y?

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My summer break thus far! A numerical breakdown!

Times I have stabbed myself in the face: 1
Bags of luggage I took on train: 6

Hours spent on train: 51
Hour that I got sick of being on train: 33
Episodes of Supernatural watched on train: 2 (Fresh Blood, Malleus Malleficarium)
Episodes of  Entourage watched on the train: 1 (New York)
Number of hours spent uncomfortably sleeping or semi-conscious on train: >25

Days home: 1.5
Immediate family members who are not at home and thus are making me a sad coyote: 1

World Cup soccer matches watched: 4 (Greece vs. Korea, USA vs. England, Germany vs. Australia, and North Korea vs. Brazil)
Books read: 1 (And Keep Your Powder Dry!)
Movies Watched: 1 (Sherlock Holmes)
Big Bangs read: 0 (shaaaaaaaaaaaaame; link me to yours! or to your favorites so far. :D)
Skip back on flist before giving up: =375
Words written: <200 (and all of them about how Castiel is the specialest little angel of them all)

Inches my little sister is now taller than me: 2
People I know whom I've already awkwardly run into: 1
Non-immediate relatives who will be descending on house within the week: 5
Days till we then all descend on LA relatives' house: <5
Number of people who will be at LA relatives' house: >17

Times my laptop (still broken) has almost made me cry today: 2
Times my mother has said some variant of "are you sure you're a vegetarian/you're still eating salmon, right/etc": 3 and counting

Wincon tickets bought: 1

tl;dr: hooooome. (and wincon)


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