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For all your The Vampire Diaries meta needs! Modded by the lovely trio [ profile] opheliahyde , [ profile] scorpiod1 , and [ profile] familiardevil . ^__^ NOW GO WRITE ME META EVERYONE.

2) I made a mix!

The Greek Ships on Fire - John/Mary

if my woman was a fire, she'd burn out before I wake

I also made a soccer rpf mix here, if anyone is interested. :P

3) Guuuuuys I had a ton of awesome Indian food last night, and now I am about to go have more of it. *____*

I hope you're all well!
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The Vampire Diaries- Reviewed!

So I watched most of the first season at the end of summer with [ profile] familiardevil and then got too busy to finish up and keep up with the second season. So the first couple days of Christmas break, she and I mainlined the episodes I hadn’t seen. My thoughts on the show and the characters follows. If you like Caroline and Damon, you should probably skip the parts where I talk about them. Spoilers through all aired episodes, natch.

Terribly long and terribly self-indulgent )

This review brought to you by: the hour of 4 am!

lol I also meant to write about Generation Kill (which I am watching with familiar) and The Good Wife (which I am watching on my own), but this review is long enough. I was also going to talk about girl!James Potter and how she would be the most amazing thing ever, but she deserves her own post and will have to wait.

I've also switched from Firefox to Google Chrome AND OMG IT IS SO MUCH LIGHTER. <3____<3

Happy Holidays my loves!
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Title: Dig It Up & Devour
Subject: Bonnie/Damon
Summary: The only time I buy that Damon isn't as gay as Sirius Black is when he's around Bonnie. They have crazy sexual chemistry.I like the give and take between and the fact that, even though they hate each other, there's a- very grudging- respect beneath that. While I don't ship them longterm, Bonnie is the only one who really recognizes how unhinged Damon is and the only one willing and able to keep him in check. So this is a mix about them acting on their chemistry (she tops), and the destructive and intense relationship that follows. Until Bonnie realizes she can do better. *fingerguns*
Notes: Mix contains front and back covers, individual uploads of 10 songs, and a .zip of all songs. Huge thanks and love to [ profile] familiardevil for loving me and helping me even though she doesn't ship it. And another thank you to [ profile] scorpiod1 for helping me when I needed screencaps.

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