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A while ago, I read this article about Agatha Christie's writing style. It's an interesting article, worth the read, and the meat of it is that Agatha Christie was a messy, disorganized writer. But what really struck me about it was that 1) my method of writing is just like Agatha Christie's and 2) the writer of the article is completely and utterly befuddled by this.

An excerpt:


What, then, could be more shocking than to discover that the dame was no lady? Agatha didn't sit at a pristine desk neatly typing her novels, Chapter 1 followed by Chapter 2, and so on, before donning gloves and descending at 6 p.m. for a sherry

Her less-than-refined writerly day began with finding her notebook, which surely she'd left right there. Then, having found a notebook (not the one she'd used yesterday), and staring in stunned amazement at the illegible chicken scratchings therein, she would finally settle down to jab at elusive characters and oil creaky plots. Most astonishing, Curran discovers that for all her assured skewering of human character in a finished novel, sometimes when Christie started her books, even she didn't know who the murderer was.
This is exactly how I write. I hobble stories together. I have multiple notebooks, and a single notebook can contain no less than: notes for three different classes, to do lists, contact info, lists of things I like, doodles, and bits and pieces of innumerable fics. I often lose- and then find- these notebooks. And they'll go in and out of rotation. A notebook I wrote in for three weeks will be put to the side for two months before I eventually rediscover it and start writing in it again.

And this is why you should always have a goat as a travelling companion. )

But not everyone writes like this. To some people, like the author of the article, it is, apparently, completely alien. So my question to you, f'list, is, how do you write? Do you write scene by scene?  Do you outline? Do you use some kind of wonderful organizational system? Do you rely too much on inspiration, or do you just sit down and hammer your way through something? What works for you? I'm curious.


This post brought to by a conversation with [info]cherie_morte and [info]scorpiod1 . We were also discussing who tops: John or Uriel, so just be glad I didn't make a post about that.

Girlchesters thank you for your time.

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So, uh, I haven't really mentioned this to most people yet, but I signed up for [Poll #1579637]Thanks to everyone who has bothered to read these and fill out the poll. I realize I am sometimes insufferable, and I appreciate you all putting up with me.

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lol Like I need another fic obligation. kill me plz

bedtime rituals
Christmas – office/workplace party
making out
Christmas – playing Santa
Christmas – baking cookies
boat ride
illness – shared
stuffed animal
movie night
kissing it better
proposal – public place
sleepy times
bubble bath
anniversary – first
caught in the rain

And to make things interesting...

First five ten (I'm a shameless prompt whore) people who comment with one of the squares and a pairing will get that filled. Fandoms are Supernatural, CWRPF, and Harry Potter.

I'll even do pairings I don't like, since these are short. But be warned, if you prompt me with a pairing I don't like, someone will probably have relations with a unicorn.

List of what's been prompted so I don't forget:

1) making out, Sam/Dean, for [ profile] familiardevil 
2) cuddling (kittens), Sam, Dean, and Castiel, for [ profile] sadlonelyangel 
3) boat ride, Misha Collins/unicorn, for [ profile] callowyn 
4) shopping, Sam/Dean, for [ profile] de_nugis 
5) stuffed animal, Jo/Kat, for [ profile] scorpiod1 
6) movie night, Ruby/Anna, for [ profile] glorifiedlover 
7) sunburn, Adrianne/Genevieve, for [ profile] taintedlove 
8) caught in the rain, Jared/Jensen, for [ profile] gypsy_sunday 
9) bubblebath, Sam/Dean, for [ profile] cherie_morte 
10) fever, Jared/Jensen, for [ profile] twivamp92 
11) Christmas office party, Danneel/Genevieve, for [ profile] bloodnfire 
12) proposal (public place), Sam/Jess. for [ profile] kiwiana 
13) singing, Sam/Dean, for [ profile] loolookitty 
14) first anniversary, Smith/Wesson, for [ profile] zempasuchil 
15) bedtime rituals, Sam/Dean, for [ profile] auroraprimavera 
16) birthday, Sam/Dean, for [ profile] everindelible 

ETA: I know I said "first ten," but clearly I am not bound by arbitrary limits. If there's something you really want, leave a comment, and I will probably oblige. *g*

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Professor: I watched a man drown once.
Entire class: D: 
Professor: *chuckles as if reminiscing fondly*
Entire class: *jerks away from professor*
Professor: I don't know why I chuckled at that.
Entire class: . . .
Professor: *chuckles again*


Mmm. School. Speaking of, guess what I'm not doing right now? That's right. School. Since yesterday I've written something like 5000 words of ridiculous J2 AU which is not any of the essays or fannish obligations I should be writing.

And, I'm just. I'm almost done. Maybe 1000 to another 2000 words, and it's been so long since I've actually written anything, let alone finished anything (hello oddly productive winter quarter!). That I don't even want to sleep, even though it actually hurts to look at my screen right now and I'll be incredibly busy the next two days because of the Art Festival.

So I'm breaking my hiatus to whine at you about my poor life decisions. Which are poor.

And I still can't write porn. Goddammit.


ETA: Have a poem:

The Blue Boat

How late the daylight edges
toward the northern night
as though journeying
in a blue boat, gilded in mussel shell

with, slung from its mast, a lantern
like our old idea of the soul

-Kathleen Jamie
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Goddamn my life.

Apparently I am skipping dinner to write porn. /o\

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As always, Jared Padalecki thanks you for your time.
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I am attempting to be productive and write fic.

How many words do you think I can write in 30 minutes? (Note: I paused at 6 and a half minutes and I'm at 200 words.)

Winner gets the satisfaction of knowing they're right.

The Obamas thank you for your time.

ETA: Does anyone know how tall Eric Kripke is?

ETA 2: 995!
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So, many moons ago, (or a moon and a half ago, idek, something like that), I said: Someone should write a fic where Sam and Dean have to hunt down a "muse" that's been sucking people dry by making them forget everything else (food, sleep, friends) in the name of their art. She/he/it could also randomly decide to ditch the artist and leave them feeling broken and depressed because ~zomg~! Their inspiration has disappeared

[profile] cherie_morte then said the equivalent of, "Hey! I'll do it!"


And I danced with glee.

Then, she actually wrote it. She wrote it over a month ago. AND I DIDNT REALIZE IT UNTIL TONIGHT. OMG SELF. HOW SO FAILY?

But I just read it. And it's funny. And it's smart. And it's wincesty, if that's not your thing.

And if it is your thing, then you should go read it, too.

Sing, Heavenly Muse


Oh. And apparently there's this drabble meme going around. And I was like, "OH HAY WRITE ME DRABBLE PLZ," and didn't read the part where it said, "You also have to do this writing drabble thing." Blah blah blah. Fandom reciprocity cakes.


The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of ANY pairing/character of their choosing (of ANY fandom) from me (with a prompt, if it pleases you to give me one). In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

A few notes:

1) If you want a drabble, you do not have to do the meme. I am not holding you to any level of fandom reciprocity.

2) I make no promises regarding the quality of these drabbles, or the speed with which they are completed.

3) Y'all know my fandoms, more or less. And feel free to request any pairing. Because if it's something I don't like, a) it's only 100 words and b) I will find a way to make it cracky or into something I do like.

eta 4) I also make no promises that what you end up with will actually qualify as a drabble. 100 words is often times several hundred words too short.

eta 5) It is currently five in the morning and I haven't slept. I make no promise that anything I write will actually be coherent.

eta 6) And y'all can ask for more than Supernatural. I'll write Glee and CWRPF and Leverage and Psych and Harry Potter and, hell, iCarly. Whatever you want that I have ever talked about or shown interest in. Not that I mind all the SPN prompts. I'm just sayin', don't feel hemmed in. ;D


Requests made so far: 10/10

Requests finished so far: 3*/10

*one actually has bonus porn coming to it


Damn. I've been spammy lately. Sorry about that folks!

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Hypothesis: Almost all movies can easily be reworked as a J2 AU while maintaining most elements of the plot and setting,

Experiment: Tell me your favorite movie, and I'll explain how it would work as a J2 AU.

I'm sick, and forty-five minutes from now, I have to go pretend to know enough German to place out of the college's language competency requirement. I will fail. So humor me, kay? :D?

Also, [ profile] familiardevil and I have a new otp.


We call it Snastiel. Or "Nasti" for short. Epic love, or epicer love?

Ugh. I need to start writing again. I feel so faily.

ETA: For, um, curiosity's sake, what episode of Supernatural do you feel has the most Sam/Dean subtext? All of them is not an option, but you can list multiple episodes if you're really torn.

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It is 5:30 in the morning.

And I have discovered something.

Actually, I have discovered something for the second time. Rediscovered, if you will. Like Columbus rediscovered America after the Vikings (and possibly the Chinese) gave it up for a lost cause.

This is what I have (re)discovered:


And I do not mean that in a punny kind of way.

Much as I love puns.

. . .

That is all.


Thank you for your time:


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