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Dear God lj, what is this comment fuckery? If you haven't already, please voice your disapproval here and here.

I've changed my comments here and at my fanworks community to customized, because at least then I have icon drop down, subject lines, and the thread and parent buttons. Also, comments pages are not actually painful to look at that way.

I also may start actually moving base to dreamwidth.


In news that is not lj fucking shit up again, I've been busy! In no particular order: The quarter ended. Finals happened. I did the best I've ever done (A, A, A, A-). Which probably points to how much happier and better-adjusted I am this year than I was last year. My internship from this summer wrapped up. I made some soccer friends (hi [ profile] rhombal) I saw the National in concert. (They were amazing.) I did all my Christmas shopping. I lived in a blanket fort with [ profile] gold_bluepoint and [ profile] zempasuchil for over 48 hours (spoiler: we drank a lot and watched Supernatural). There were more roommate shenanigans. I cut off almost all my hair. I got a twitter.

And I flew home for the holidays. (:

Also, I made this Annie/Britta mix for [ profile] pada_something for Christmas!

I tried to read between the lines you wrote inside your black notebook

And I saw Sherlock II today with an old friend. I enjoyed it a lot, even as I had a lot of problems with it.

I miss you guys. I keep meaning to be more involved with lj again. But now that it actually physically pains me to look at most comments, I will probably just flee back to the dark safety of tumblr. ):

ETA: Comments now contain spoilers for Sherlock Holmes II: A Game of Shadows
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Four quick things:

1) I've been working out every day since Tuesday! A friend and I went jogging then swimming in the lake Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Thursday and Friday I worked out in the gym in my building for a bit. And then Saturday and today [ profile] zempasuchil and I hit the university gym for an hour each day. Awwww yeah. 8)

2) I am going to Madison next weekend to visit [ profile] animus_wyrmis at her brand new grown up apartment!

3) I made this!

You're in a Car with a Beautiful Boy - a Richard Siken Mix

4) What mix should I work on next:

[Poll #1767993]
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Thank you to everyone who gave me birthday wishes here, on facebook, or in real life. In particular, thank you to [ profile] twivamp92, [ profile] cacklesthewitch, and [ profile] giantlovetingle for the vgifts. And huge huge huge thanks to [ profile] familiardevil for being the best, most wonderful person to ever exist.

Today was pretty low-key as birthdays go. My friends baked me a cake last night, and I was given some really wonderful tea and a tea mug. My parents bought me a roundtrip to Florida SO I CAN GO VISIT [ profile] familiardevil FOR THE WEEK BETWEEN FINALS AND MY INTERNSHIP STARTING. I've known about this for like a week and a halfish, but it was technically my birthday present. I bought myself a ticket to a soccer game in late June as a birthday present to myself, and I got a lot of hugs. But other than that, pretty much a normal day. (:

Oh, except housing lottery was today. So I know my living situation for next year. For various reasons, I'll be living with three complete strangers. I guess if you're going to play with fate, your birthday's the day to do it on.

Nineteen was a pretty solid year, overall. Finished my first year at college and started my second, jumped into Lake Michigan while drunk during a thunderstorm, traveled across country by train, spent what will probably be my last summer at home, made the Dean's List, returned as a counselor to Girls State, got really into soccer, gave up all my fandom modding duties, was lj_married (and facebook married!) to familiar, started making mixes, went to Wincon, made irl fannish friends, saw familiar irl TWICE, got a really cool part time job, saw three soccer games, went to a lot of plays, declared my major (religious studies!), came out to my mom and a few other people, saw President Obama speak twice, saw Neil Gaiman speak, started learning French, was appointed to a local housing board, was accepted into a great summer internship, was accepted into a study abroad program, won a student leader award, started organizing a big art festival, did a ton of other cool shit like protests and paintballing and the imax Harry Potter and going to talks and getting out the vote and volunteering and and and. Also, I broke one and a half laptops, one and half iPods, and one printer. (Though really, the printer technically broke itself). It really doesn't seem like an entire year has passed.

For twenty, I want to travel more, take better care of myself physically, get another part time job, and start being more active in fandom again.

Man, twenty is such a grown-up sounding number. I can't believe my mom was married by the time she was my age.

Hope you all are doing wonderfully. <3

ps made an Anna/Castiel mix the other day. It can be found here.
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1) [ profile] tvd_meta [ profile] tvd_meta [ profile] tvd_meta

For all your The Vampire Diaries meta needs! Modded by the lovely trio [ profile] opheliahyde , [ profile] scorpiod1 , and [ profile] familiardevil . ^__^ NOW GO WRITE ME META EVERYONE.

2) I made a mix!

The Greek Ships on Fire - John/Mary

if my woman was a fire, she'd burn out before I wake

I also made a soccer rpf mix here, if anyone is interested. :P

3) Guuuuuys I had a ton of awesome Indian food last night, and now I am about to go have more of it. *____*

I hope you're all well!
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 Hey guys, sorry about the last (now deleted) post. There was just a perfect storm of stress, hormones, exhaustion, and homesickness. But I'm feeling much better now. One of these days I may even get around to responding to comments. /o\

Anyway! A couple of HP mixes I've made recently:

Moon to Moon
a Remus/Sirius Mix

hey love, we'll get away with it

How to Tame Lions
a James/Lily mix

I wanna start over, I wanna be winning, way out of sync from the beginning.
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Title: That the Science of Cartography is Limited
Subject: Remus/Sirius
Summary: I'm pretty sure if you peel away all my different fandoms, and all my loves and OTPs at all my fandoms, you'll find, at the very center, Remus and Sirius slow dancing. I read in one ship manifesto or the other that Remus and Sirius is, even in canon, the story of two misfit boys who found each other and lost each other only to find lose each other again. They're friends and they're comrades, and they love each other a lot, and the circumstances of their time are such that that love still isn't enough. Consider this mix a map of their relationship. It's small and lacking, but the bones of it are there. Also, if my fifteen year old self had her way, this would be all Bright Eyes and Snow Patrol songs. I have mostly avoided that impulse.
Notes: Mix contains front and back covers, individual uploads of 10 songs, and a .zip of all songs plus a bonus song. Title stolen straight from a poem of the same name, and the pictures for the front and back covers were found after hours of trawling through the tumblr fuckyeahsodomites (very NSFW). 

As always, thank you to [ profile] familiardevil , for everything. ♥

it's got lots to do with magnets and the pull of the moon )
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Title: Girl in the War
Subject: girl!Dean Winchester
Notes: Mix contains front and back covers, individual uploads of nine songs, and a .zip of all songs plus one bonus song. Implied Sam/Dean. Made for the December challenge at [ profile] singustosleep .

I have a lot of thoughts on girl!Dean, probably an entire meta's worth, so I'll just leave this here and hope it speaks for itself. The model for my girl!Dean is actress Greta Gerwig, none of whose work I have seen, but who has been my girl!Dean since I saw this picture.

I am not beyond repair )
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Title: Dig It Up & Devour
Subject: Bonnie/Damon
Summary: The only time I buy that Damon isn't as gay as Sirius Black is when he's around Bonnie. They have crazy sexual chemistry.I like the give and take between and the fact that, even though they hate each other, there's a- very grudging- respect beneath that. While I don't ship them longterm, Bonnie is the only one who really recognizes how unhinged Damon is and the only one willing and able to keep him in check. So this is a mix about them acting on their chemistry (she tops), and the destructive and intense relationship that follows. Until Bonnie realizes she can do better. *fingerguns*
Notes: Mix contains front and back covers, individual uploads of 10 songs, and a .zip of all songs. Huge thanks and love to [ profile] familiardevil for loving me and helping me even though she doesn't ship it. And another thank you to [ profile] scorpiod1 for helping me when I needed screencaps.

sit back and watch the bed burn )
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omg wtf guys; I feel absolutely awful. I was coughing so bad while walking across the house I had to stop and sit on the ground and now my face feels like it's been hit with a brick. )))):

Anyway. I finally finished my soulmates mix to make me feel better. I hope it makes some of you feel better too.

Title: This Place for You
Subject: Sam/Dean
Summary: A mix for the one true pair. ♥ Though, I'll be honest, this was largely an excuse to finally use "I Will Follow You into the Dark" which I've wanted to use on a Sam/Dean mix since before I knew what mixes were. Set mainly in season 1 and 2 and from Dean's pov, this is about epic, codependent, "brotherly" love set against a backdrop of the blacktop roads of middle America.
Notes: Mix contains front and back covers, individual uploads of 10 songs, and a .zip of all songs. Huge thanks and love to [ profile] familiardevil for the handholding and support. Title plagiarized from that most masterful of wincesty poets, Richard Siken.
Unimportant Notes: I finished the compilation sometime before wincon, and have been trying to figure out the art ever since. I ended up making most of the art on the plane ride home. Such is life.

you're the only thing I ever want anymore )
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Title: Like I Wish I Had Fire
Subject: Iker/David, Casillas/Beckham, Bicker, Becksillas, etc, etc.
Summary: Made as an early Christmas present for [ profile] familiardevil . I fully admit that this will make no sense to anyone besides her. Basically, David Beckham and Iker Casillas are two of the most famous football/soccer players in the world. For a while, they played on the same team (lol why am I making a Real Madrid mix?) and had a really amazing bromance. Then David moved to LA to play for the LA Galaxy (fuck yeah) and made Iker look like sad!Orlando Bloom. (They're still friends though; David stuck around in South Africa to watch Iker and Spain win the World Cup this year.)

These are The Facts. So of course familiardevil and I came up with A Story to go with these facts. That story, as summarized by familiar (and with some modifications by yours truly) is thus, "David moves to Iker's team. David woos Iker. David and Iker have a  lot of sex. Iker falls in love with David. David is an asshole to Iker and sleeps around and makes Iker's heart ache all the time. Iker breaks things off. David is sad but pretends he isn't. Iker is sad and tries to move on. Eventually David stops being such a snake, and he and Iker get back together." This mix is that story as told through song.

Or you could not read all that and just enjoy the music. Mix contains front and back covers, individual uploads of 11 songs, and a .zip of all songs.

Who's the boy you like the most? )
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Title: pour out like light
: Anna
Summary: A mix for Anna before she was human, from her time as a soldier and leader of her garrison, through her doubt and her loneliness, and up until her fall. A huge thank you to [ profile] familiardevil  for the encouragement and support and suggesting "When Your Good Heart Leads You Home." You are brilliant and lovely.

Mix contains 12 individually uploaded songs, a .zip of all songs, and front and back covers.

my heart is clean like a crater moon )
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On Tuesday, [ profile] familiardevil said I should make a Stefan/Elena mix, and [ profile] scorpiod1 agreed with her. I replied that I had no idea how a Stefan/Elena mix would work.

Today is Thursday. Here is a Stefan/Elena mix.

Title: Love's Uneven Remainders
Subject: Stefan/Elena
Summary: Stefan and Elena are probably my favorite canon couple on TV right now. They're both their own person, with their own interests and issues, but they also work incredibly well together. They're mature about their relationship and open with each other in a way that you rarely see on television, let alone television shows about teenagers. More importantly, they're in love, and they make each other happy. They face a lot of obstacles, hence the overall achey sound of this mix, but, idk guys. I'm really rooting for these two. ♥ THEY'RE OTP.
Notes: Mix contains front and back covers, individual uploads of 13 songs, and a .zip of all songs.

For [ profile] scorpiod1 . ♥ And with special thanks to [ profile] familiardevil .

I have your dreams and your teethmarks. )
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Title: the subtle grace of gravity
Subject: Anna/Ruby
Summary: A gift!mix for [ profile] familiardevil at the [ profile] spn_fs_exchange . Basically it's the story of "What if Anna and Ruby had- after much snark and theological angsting- hooked up and combined forces to stop the Apocalypse?" It's a little angry and a little sad and a lot hopeful. And made with love. Lots of love.

Dear familiar, you consistently amaze me, and I adore you. I hope you enjoy.

Fanmix includes front and back cover, eight individually uploaded songs, and a zip of all the songs together. Feedback is good karma. Happy listening.

this fumble has become biblical )
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Title: set sail to the west
: Genevieve/Danneel Space AU
Summary: A space AU mix for Danneel and Genevieve. In which Danneel is the kickass captain of her own spaceship, and Genevieve is her troublingly pretty and nosy passenger.
Notes: Made for [ profile] bloodnfire  at [ profile] spnrarepairs . Accompanying fic coming soon.

Fanmix includes front and back cover, ten individually uploaded songs, and a zip of all the songs together. Feedback is good karma. Happy listening.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

let's talk about spaceships )
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Title: the (parentheses) all clicking shut behind you
: Dean/Tessa
: Made for the fanmix challenge at [ profile] spnland . Mix contains individual downloads of ten songs, a .zip of all songs, and front and back covers. Title of mix is from the Richard Siken poem, Meanwhile. Posted because I told [ profile] familiardevil I would if she posted her absolutely stunning and lovely Sam/Dean mix.
Summary: This mainly covers the events of In My Time of Dying, but also alludes to Death Takes a Holiday. Dean, needless to say, has a complicated relationship with death.

ETA: I originally had the wrong song uploaded for "World Without End" but that's fixed now. Sorry folks!

Feedback is good karma. <3 Hope you enjoy the music.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

take you from the lonely life you're living )
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Title: Both Falling Bright
Subject: Anna/Castiel
Notes: Made for [ profile] cordeliadelayne at the [ profile] spn_hetexchange . My eternal love and gratitude to [ profile] familiardevil for all her help and cheerleading. Stray cat to my sharktopus, bb. :*
Summary: I made this because Anna/Castiel is kind of unbearably tragic. They have this tremendously long shared history. They clearly respect each other and care about each other, but they always end up hurting each other and being on opposite sides. Yet, they're so well for suited each other. Because they doubt, and they question, but they still both fundamentally believe in God and want to do the right thing. And even though they both long to be, and are, at certain points, human, they're also innately angelic beings.

They're the only ones in the universe who can really understand that push and pull between the human and divine. So I made this mix to try to encompass their history- their time together as soldiers of the Lord together, Anna’s doubt and fall, the tension between them afterwards, Castiel’s fall, and Anna’s death- and then provide a possibly hopeful ending. If I’ve done it right, it’s a mix about questioning and longing and faith. /rambling

Mix includes front and back covers, twelve individually uploaded songs, a .zip of all songs, and a poem by Jack Gilbert. Feedback is good karma. Hope you all enjoy. ♥

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We saw the ghosts of angels that spoke of falls from tremendous heights )
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Title: This Girl Is a Hurricane
: Jo Harvelle
: Jo is the only character in canon to have chosen to be a hunter. She's tough and she's vulnerable; she's brave, and she's naive and she's tragic. This a fanmix that covers the arc of her story and examines who she is and her relationships to her mother, her father, and Dean and Sam. Implied unrequited Jo/Dean.
Dedicated to: [ profile] scorpiod1, not for any special occasion, but because I love you babe, and I love how much you love Jo. Also, I kept thinking of you while making this. Thank you for being such a sweet and wonderful friend.

Fanmix includes front and back covers, lyrics, uploads of individual songs, a .zip of all the songs together, and a bonus poem. 

Enjoy! And remember, feedback is good karma.

Huge thanks to [ profile] familiardevil for the hand-holding, help, and encouragement. ♥ I couldn't (and wouldn't) have done this without you.

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with a heart full of mess and lore, we were doomed but we wanted more )

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i carry your heart with me

A season 5 Sam/Dean mix by [ profile] familiardevil and [ profile] coyotesuspect


Season 4 proved to us that when Sam and Dean fight, the world ends. Season 5 proved to us that when the boys put their faith into each other, the world is saved. Brothers, soulmates, or whatever they have between them, Sam and Dean keep each other human. Whether they’re going stargazing for hours or going on dates to Jayhawks games, Sam and Dean will die for each other and they’ll live for each other and they’re always Home for each other. Theirs is a love that saved the world, and this is a mix to celebrate that. Consider this our love letter to fandom, to Supernatural, and to the OTP to end all OTPs- Sam/Dean. <33333!


Covers, poetry, lyrics, individual song uploads, a .zip, and epic love here.

Enjoy! Comments are good karma and made honest woman out of.


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