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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you so much for writing for me! This is my second year doing Yuletide, and I am super excited. :D I am mostly on tumblr these days, so if you’d like to covertly scope out my interests, I can be found at My AO3 is coyotesuspect. My stupidly long letter is below.

General notes: I would be seriously delighted if you wrote me fic for any of these canons. Also – optional details are optional, and this got really long. So apologies for that, and if you have an idea that’s not mentioned here, do feel free to run with it. I’m sure I’ll love it.

General likes: I love plot and atmosphere. I love a strong sense of place. I like roadtrips, UST, pining, happy/hopeful endings, miscommunications, friendship, banter, balanced power dynamics. I like people being into situations that are new or difficult and having to work through them. I like people having to work with someone they would prefer not to, and learning to respect them. I like competence. I like relationships that are complicated and have edges to them, and I like characters learning how to work with those edges. If it’s shippy fic, I like first times a lot. I love backstories and fics that fill in the missing parts of a canon.

General dislikes: PWPs, rape, mpreg, first and second person pov (unless otherwise specified), pregnancy/kidfic (for these canons at least), AUs unless otherwise specified, crossovers, sex before the age of sixteen, dwelling on angst, major character death of requested characters, sad endings for requested characters (though bittersweet endings are fine).

Fandom: The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton (song) – The Mountain Goats
Characters: Cyrus, Jeff
Ships: gen, Cyrus/Jeff

well the best ever death metal band outta Denton will in time both outlive and outpace you

I love this song. One of my favorite live music memories is going to a Mountain Goats concert in Chicago, and John Darnielle ending the night with this song. The entire, exuberant crowd shouted “Hail Satan!” together, and I actually teared up.

I love John Darnielle's ability to tell a whole, gut-wrenching story in so little time. I love that he is both gently amused by Cyrus and Jeff ("script that made prominent use of a pentagram", "Satan's fingers") and completely on their side. Mostly, I have always, always, always wanted a follow up to Jeff and Cyrus's story. What is Jeff's “plan to get even”? Burning down the asylum? Breaking Cyrus out? Deal with the devil? Does it work? Do Jeff and Cyrus ever experience "stage lights and lear jets and fortune and fame"? Or do they get a different kind of triumph? What is the future like for them?

I don't need (or particularly want) unmitigated success for these two. But I want to see them get even and get out – or at least get out. I’m fine with whatever darkness needs to happen in the early and middle parts of the story, but I’d like a hopeful ending at least – and Cyrus and Jeff staying true to their weird, metalhead selves.

I'm really into super intense friendships that sometimes blur into something more, and I get a bit of that from Cyrus and Jeff in the song. If you want to keep things as friends, or try them in a relationship, or have things blurry and codependent, I am okay with any of those choices.

I also really like Texas (and spent a large part of my childhood there), and would love anything that had a sense of Texas-ness to it (wide open skies, roads that go on forever, accents, the scrublands and desert out west, the flat and blustery panhandle, etc!)

This is a canon where I wouldn’t mind first person pov, if that’s the voice that speaks for you. Also, as a sidenote, this could be a fun canon for documents-fic – letters between Cyrus and Jeff while Cyrus is in the asylum, band lyrics, Jeff and Cyrus’s playlists, newspaper clippings, interviews, revised band names, psychological profiles, etc, etc. If you’d be interested in doing something like that, I would love to read it.

Listen || Listen to a cover

Fandom: Raven Cycle
Characters: Calla, Maura Sargent, Blue Sargent
Ships: gen, canonical pairings fine in the background

I love 300 Fox Way, and I'd really love to see more of it as a location. What is it like? What are its rhythms? I'd enjoy any combination of these characters, but I'm particularly interested in:

- backstory for Maura and/or Calla (or Persephone, if you want to include her!). How did they meet? What were their lives like before 300 Fox Way? What were their early psychic experiences like? What was it like finding/making a home at 300 Fox Way?
-Blue as a child bonding with or learning from Maura or Calla.
-Worldbuilding in general! I love the magic in the books, and I'd love to see more of an explanation or exploration of it. If you can tie this into worldbuilding for 300 Fox Way in particular, I would especially love that. (What's it like grocery shopping with a psychic?)
-general psychicness: Has Calla ever touched someone and found out something really disturbing about them? Have the inhabitants of 300 Fox Way (any of them) ever been called upon to help solve a grisly crime? Has anything evil ever gotten loose in 300 Fox Way? How did they handle it? Have any of them ever been possessed?
-holiday-themed fic! I am a sucker for Christmas fic, but if you want to make them more Yule-celebrants, that is also great. Do they put up a tree? Do Maura and Persephone and Calla get really tipsy on eggnog? Does Blue handmake weird ornaments? Do they have bizarre traditions? Does Blue ever wish they could have a normal holiday, or is she proud of their strangeness?

Or you can just pick any combination of these characters and see how they bounce off each other. I'm really not looking for smut here, and I'd prefer minimum angst. (Obviously some of these characters have pretty rough backstories, or have rough backstories alluded to, but I'm more interested in forward movement than wallowing). “Gentle gen adventure or world-building with some bonding” is my preferred flavor here. :)

I also really like the Gray Man, who was not included in the tagset. :P But, if you’re writing fic set during the series and would be so interested, I would enjoy seeing him show up and doing bonding type stuff with Blue (I love their dynamic) – teaching her how to fight, having to help out make homemade Christmas/Yule decorations, getting a tree. I also like all the other side characters – feel free to throw in any of the boys or Orla if you like. I ship canon(ish) ships, eg Blue/Gansey, Ronan/Adam, the Gray Man/Maura, so those are fine in the background, but I’d prefer them not be the center of attention.

Fandom: Check, Please!
Characters: Larissa “Lardo” Duan, Shitty Knight, Justin "Ransom" Oluransi, Adam "Holster" Birkholtz
Ships: Lardo/Shitty, Ransom/Holster, gen, prefer no background pairings

I ship Lardo/Shitty and Ransom/Holster, and would love something shippy with one of those pairings. But would also love and really enjoy gen.

Shitty/Lardo: I’ve gotten really into them lately! I love how bro-y they are, and I really love how much Shitty thinks Lardo is the shit.

I really like that their relationship is kind of ambiguous. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d been friends-with-benefits for a while, but had, for various reasons, never talked about the fact they both have feelings for each other and now it’s all messy and complicated and neither knows where to start. Or maybe they haven’t been hooking up. Maybe it’s just flat out mutual pining! Especially Shitty pining for Lardo.

More specific prompts: going to Winter Screw together (as friends?), Lardo visiting Shitty in Boston for law school, them seeing each other Christmas break at any point during their relationship/friendship. Fic exploring how they met or what their first impressions were of each other. Shitty helping Lardo with an art project! Shitty and Lardo shotgunning. Shitty and Lardo having dumb college adventures together. Shitty getting hurt during a game, and Lardo kinda trying to take care of him/making Bitty do it.

Ransom/Holster: I am super into their stupid, mutually obsessive, BFFship. And I love friends to lovers (as my love for Shitty/Lardo also demonstrates). I’d love anything which works in the following:

- Ransom’s extreme test anxiety/finals meltdowns and Holster’s extreme protectiveness (“HE’S A CORAL REEF”). Also this and this.
- Holster being kind of jealous/protective when it comes to Ransom in general: exhibit A, exhibit B
-Ransom and Holster getting really into the 2014 World Cup (according to Bitty’s twitter, they were rooting for Germany)
- their roadtrips to Niagara Fallls!
- drunken make outs
-Ransom’s inability to understand Holster’s love of TV
-scoring goals for each other! Hockey stuff! (Full disclosure, I know very little about hockey, but like Sports in general. So anything about sports and competition and celebrating goals together is gr9.)

I’d be happy with gen stuff in general for any of these guys/the whole team: what is Lardo’s day to day as a manager of the hockey team? How does she feel about it? I’d also love fic about Lardo and Shitty facing off against Ransom and Holster at beer pong (or a general series of challenges). The girls rugby team at my college had an annual Drunk vs High Olympics, where one team was high and the other drunk, and each had to complete a series of tasks. Something like that could be hilarious (especially with disapproving Jack!). Or fic about Shitty and Lardo making the frogs do epikegster chores!

5+1 fic could be really cute here as well, if you want to go that way. And I’d love cameos/the inclusion of the rest of the team in whatever you decide to write (though also wouldn’t mind if they weren’t included).

Read the comic here.

Fandom: Real Madrid C.F. RPF
Characters: Iker Casillas, David Beckham
Ships: Iker/David, gen, prefer no background pairings

Shippy prompts: Do you know how I said I didn’t like PWPs or AUs? Well, it’s all a lie when it comes to these guys. Go nuts, dear writer. I will pretty much love anything from this pairing. From Iker being initially suspicious of David to David winning him over and lots of fluff. (I read once that David used to keep Iker late after practices to practice more. I have no idea if this is true but I want the fic.) OR if you want to do an angsty break up or an angsty LDR when David leaves for the Galaxy - also great. I'd also love getting back together fic. Or shenanigans (angsty, porny, fluffy, all three) at the World Cup.

I like David being a bit snaky and manipulative about the relationship, and Iker being a bit more naïve, but sort of learning to hold his own with David as time goes on. I like David (and Iker, both of them, but especially David), having an, “OH NO FEELINGS,” moment. And I like that Iker is usually very grumpy and affection-adverse (or that’s how he’s presented): but he was all over David.

And if you did want to write an AU: extremely fabulous. Spies, college, band, coffee shop, space, a retelling of Space Jam using soccer players, etc. Whatever trope you want. I would love, love, love an Ocean’s 11 AU of some kind. (With FloP or Blatter or Mou as Terry Benedict/the bad guy! Iker out of prison, and out for revenge! Finding David in Los Angeles!) Or not! Go where your heart/id goes.

If you want to include background characters, I like all manner of Real Madrid and Spain NT players past and present, so include who you like. Marcelo, Cristiano, Sergio, Ozil, and Kaka are especially loved. I also really like Zlatan and think he could be hilarious in a fic (and also was teammates with David at PSG!)

Porn-wise, I like shifting power dynamics – especially when one character thinks they’re in charge but is really, really not. I like mild BDSM, I like locker room sex, I like blowjobs, I like desperation fucks, I like characters still having their clothing on, I like angry sex, I like, “I really shouldn’t be doing this sex, but I’m going to anyway because I can’t resist you,” I like biting and leaving marks, I really like how gorgeous Iker is. And I like sex pollen/fuck or die scenarios!

A caveat: I like Sara and Victoria, but I'm not really a fan of WAGs being WAGs in fic. I don't like the infidelity. If you really want to include them, I'd accept them as friends, as beards, or as amicably separated. But no infidelity please.

Some links, because why not make this an old fashioned picspam?: one, two, three, four, five.

I could go on indefinitely.

Gen! If you’re reading all this and going, “what the actual fuck, man” – gen would also be great! Pretty much any of the above, but, you know, sans romance. But I’d still love them getting to know each other at Madrid and having late practices, and Iker being bad at English and them working out how to communicate, or any weird AU ideas you might have!

Fandom: Ocean’s (Movies)
Characters: Rusty Ryan, Danny Ocean
Ships: Rusty/Danny, gen

I really love Danny/Ryan. I love their dynamic and their shared history. I like that their friendship is extremely comfortable but can also have quite the edge. I like that they balance each other out. I'd really enjoy either twisting the ending of the first movie to Danny realizing he's made a Terrible Mistake and going to Rusty, or something similar that takes place after the first movie. I’d also enjoy fic after the third movie where they find their way to each other as a couple.

I'd enjoy casefic that's actually shipfic – Danny getting pulled back in despite promising Tess he wouldn't because Rusty needs his help and because Danny's a conman at heart. I would really love fic of them running a con together.

I like pining (especially Rusty pining, and that being one of Danny’s big blind spots), UST (I really like UST), banter, ambiguous feelings, hook ups that start out as casual for Danny (but aren't for Rusty) and eventually stumble into something bigger, when people get in over their heads in terms of feeeelings. I like five times plus one fic for this pairing. And I’d enjoy fic set during any point in their relationship – before the movies, during, after.

Hurt/comfort would be fun here too! Especially if it’s Rusty getting hurt on a con, and Danny feeling guilty/protective/unaccountably emotional about it! And Rusty being the worst patient. Or! If you want to do an AU where Rusty is the one who goes to prison, and the fall out from that, I think that could be really interesting, too

I do like Tess, so I'd like her dealt with fairly (if you choose to have her show up or reference her). I wouldn’t mind if Danny cheated on her, but I wouldn’t want it presented as a good thing or as Tess’ fault, just that Danny seems like the kind of guy who is pretty fucked up and can really compartmentalize. But if you do go that route, I’d prefer it result in Danny and Tess’s relationship ending.

Also – feel free to use any of the other characters from the movies as you see fit! Get the gang together.

If you want to write gen, I’d enjoy seeing them run a con together, or anything about them getting to know each other before the first movie.


I Eat Sky

Dec. 22nd, 2011 08:22 pm
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Hey bbs~

This happened.

me: so I'm thinking of leaving livejournal for good
familiar: so I'm thinking of making a poetry comm to store poems I like
me: ...can I comod?

So now [Bad username or site: @] and I are running a poetry comm. It is basically just for us to post poems we like so we can keep track of them. But if you're interested in getting some more poetry in your life, we're at [Bad username or site: @]. I don't think you can join, but you should be able to watch.
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Dear God lj, what is this comment fuckery? If you haven't already, please voice your disapproval here and here.

I've changed my comments here and at my fanworks community to customized, because at least then I have icon drop down, subject lines, and the thread and parent buttons. Also, comments pages are not actually painful to look at that way.

I also may start actually moving base to dreamwidth.


In news that is not lj fucking shit up again, I've been busy! In no particular order: The quarter ended. Finals happened. I did the best I've ever done (A, A, A, A-). Which probably points to how much happier and better-adjusted I am this year than I was last year. My internship from this summer wrapped up. I made some soccer friends (hi [ profile] rhombal) I saw the National in concert. (They were amazing.) I did all my Christmas shopping. I lived in a blanket fort with [ profile] gold_bluepoint and [ profile] zempasuchil for over 48 hours (spoiler: we drank a lot and watched Supernatural). There were more roommate shenanigans. I cut off almost all my hair. I got a twitter.

And I flew home for the holidays. (:

Also, I made this Annie/Britta mix for [ profile] pada_something for Christmas!

I tried to read between the lines you wrote inside your black notebook

And I saw Sherlock II today with an old friend. I enjoyed it a lot, even as I had a lot of problems with it.

I miss you guys. I keep meaning to be more involved with lj again. But now that it actually physically pains me to look at most comments, I will probably just flee back to the dark safety of tumblr. ):

ETA: Comments now contain spoilers for Sherlock Holmes II: A Game of Shadows
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I owe a ton of comments, but I am super proud of myself for the stupidest reason right now.

Work has been paying me this quarter with physical checks (no direct deposit like this summer). And since the only way for me to deposit checks is to fill out a form and mail my checks to my bank in Texas...My checks have been piling up on my bookshelf all quarter.

But I just filled out the form and endorsed all my checks and put them in a stamped, sealed, and addressed envelope. Like a ... person who actually has a concept of money.

So in 3-7 business days, I should be able to access my money from the past eight weeks of work.

In things I should actually be proud about: I wrote one of my finals essays early! Which means I only have two more essays to write and an exam to take between now and the ninth. Not too shabby, self. Not. Too. Shabby. 

*puts head in hands*

This quarter has been so weird. I've felt so detached from everything. I go to class, I go to work, I do my school work, I hang out with friends. And that's it. ): Blah blah blah. Angsty, introspective journal entry is for another night. Um. Which makes it seem like my last two weekends have not been amazing. But guys my last two weekends have been pretty great

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F'list! I am seriously considering getting a ~druhmahtic hair cut. I haven't had a serious amount taken off since... sophomore year of high school when Super Cuts sliced off my ponytail and sent me on my merry way.

Four and a half years later, my hair is very thick, very curly, and once again very long. It's also been driving me nuts and really dry and blech lately. This is probably nothing a deep conditioning couldn't fix, but I kind of want to shake things up, you know? My plan is to get it done at a nice salon my boss recommended to me.

So, f'list, if you have any links to short, curly hairstyles, could you help a girl out? I'm thinking of going anywhere between chin and shoulder length. I have a round face, so I know most short hairstyles aren't going to look good anyway, but I would like something better than the frizzy pyramid shape I got after aforementioned 10th grade ponytail chopping.

Second request for advice: How do I turn the ask box on on tumblr? I would ask on tumblr, but no one would be able to respond to me. :,(

I hope you're all well. I had a ~*~magical~*~ and hedonistic weekend in Madison with [ profile] animus_wyrmis, [ profile] zempasuchil, and [ profile] gold_bluepoint. We lounged around wyrm's apartment drinking alcohol and tea (and, in my case, alcohol in my tea), interneting, watching movies, playing FMK, and generally doing piss-all. I may have been mildly inebriated most of the weekend, and thus don't remember much about Friday's Supernatural other than that I enjoyed it. Saturday at around 3pm, [ profile] gold_bluepoint and I made a grocery store run. We bought: three bottles of various alcohol, a bag of pixie stix, a bag of Reece's (half off Halloween candy!), a bag of Ruffles (rrrridged for her pleasure), and cheese.

Life is mostly pretty good.

Oh! And I just remembered. I have a new roommate. My old two roommates are still here, but the new one showed up today. So. I only met her as she was moving in. Hopefully she won't also want to sleep on the couch.
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That's cool lj. Eat most of my post. Anyway. Try two. This post is dedicated to [ profile] zempasuchil. Mwer.

Time schedules are up. Which means me trying to figure out next quarter's schedule. Fun fun think about fun~

Classes I am taking next quarter:
Human Rights-2: History and Theory of Human Rights MW 1:30-2:50
Islamic Thought & Literature-2 MWF 10:30-11:20

Classes I want to take next quarter:
Introduction to Early Christian and Byzantine Art TTH 9:00-10:20
The Sacred Image in the Byzantium TTH 1:30-2:50
Wassily Kandinsky: Artist, Designer, Writer, Teacher T 12:00-2:50
Problems of Evil: Narrative, Theodicy, Anti-Theodicy TTH 3:00-4:20
Religion and Gender TTh 9:00-10:20
Human Rights in Africa TTh 1:30-2:50
Milton TTh 10:30-11:50
Poetry and Religion TTh 12:00-1:20
Wayward Shots: Alternative Aesthetics of the American West TTh 12:00-1:20
Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man and the Problem of Democracy TTh 12:00-1:20

Can I get a time turner up in here?

Life is good. I'm in Wisconsin visiting [ profile] animus_wyrmis with [ profile] zempasuchil and [ profile] gold_bluepoint. There was, of course, a Carry on my Wayward Son singalong on the roadtrip up. 8) Midterms went super well; I can't believe it's already seventh week. And Supernatural and soccer are delighting me.


ps For those curious about the title: why paisley fabric will bring demons into your home.

ETA: And I just found Balkan Folklore hiding under the anthro section. ;_; 
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1) Rec me tumblrs? Right now me finding tumblrs to follow has largely consisted of typing "fuckyeah[thing I like] into my url bar and going from there.

2) If you added me on tumblr and your tumblr name is not similar to your lj name, let me know? I'd just like to place names with, er, other names. Also, if you haven't already, let me know your tumblr name. :3

3) I have spent 70% of today watching soccer and tumblring and 20% actually studying for my midterm tomorrow. Midterm weekend was not a good weekend to discover tumblr. (The other 10% of the day was probably spent making tea. AS TEN PERCENT OF ALL MY DAYS ARE.)

4) Next weekend I will be visiting [ profile] animus_wyrmis with [ profile] zempasuchil and [ profile] gold_bluepoint

5) Speaking of [ profile] gold_bluepoint, I meant to rec this awhile ago: BUT LOOK AT THIS. LOOOK AT IIIIT. Sam/Dean art, harlequin romance style.

6) LA Galaxy won the first leg of their semifinals play off. I am pleased.

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I have a tumblr! I have no idea what I'm doing with it. Going to do with it. How it works

But you should follow me? And then I will follow you back? Or just link me to your tumblrs?

I think probably I am just going to reblog poetry and pictures of hot soccer players and SPN reaction gifs and lesbians. So. If you're interested in those things...

And so this post is not completely self-centered:

Have a song! I have listened to this over 70 times since downloading it on, um, Wednesday. 

Fuck This Place - Frightened Rabbit

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Sending up the bat signal for someone who's willing to let me bitch about my first world problems for awhile.

Halp. ):
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Yesterday afternoon I sat down with a cup of tea, and then pulled my iPod out of my pocket...and immediately dropped it into my cup of tea.

This is the second tea + electronic incidence I've had this year.

But I requested a replacement from Amazon today, and they seemed all, Hey, brah, it's cool. We'll ship you out another one stat.

Thank you sweet corporate overlords. ;___;

Uh. Other than that life is good. I spent last weekend in Madison visiting [ profile] animus_wyrmis and had a lovely time. Thursday night I went to a soccer game with a good friend I don't see often enough. Friday night I went to a potluck/party with people in my internship. We all got very drunk and listened to Michael Jackson's on the host's record player. And last night I went to my friend's dad's wedding! I got slightly less drunk and swing-danced and my friend tried to teach me how to salsa.

Today I think I'm going to tea with another friend, but she has yet to get back to me with a time more specific than ~early afternoon. (Which it technically is...)

Friday for my internship, we went to a juvenile detention center in the morning. I have never seen architecture more designed to break the human spirit. (And I include my
school library
in this.) We were told we wouldn't meet with or see any of the residents. This was not the case. Our group was split into two, one to go see the girls' living area and one for the boys'. I was in the girls group, and when we arrived the residents were all sitting around.

children shouldn't be kept in cages )

Anywho. I SEE MY FAMILY IN TWO WEEKS. 8D 8D 8D I've gotten so homesick, I've actually started missing California itself. And I never miss California. My older brother posted on my fb wall the other day that he had a surprise gift for me. I am a bit nervous it might be SPN season 6. Which would be super sweet and nice and thoughtful of my brother! Just... I still hate that season so much, guys. ;___; BUT MAYBE IT WILL BE A PONY INSTEAD!

I hope you all are well. <3
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1- My co-intern and I got called into the office of the executive director this morning. Apparently they've secured enough funding to hire us on part time into the fall.

2- The guy who was going to be my co-intern at my fall job at the university's community service has decided not to take the position. Which means I might have it to myself? If I still have it? There's weird stuff going on there.

3- Last night, I told the group that basically dumped the art festival of doom onto me that I wasn't really going to be around next year and have peaced out of that obligation.

4- The ghost of the art festival remains strong. I have a meeting about it today. I just need to put on my big girl pants and deal with everything, but I keep having mini-panic attacks every time I think about it. ;_;

5- My new exercise regimen remains strong! Monday and Tuesday was more jogging and swimming. Yesterday I slept because I needed it, but today I was up again to play around on the elliptical for thirty minutes. I am actually beginning to enjoy all of this getting up early and sweating and moving around?

I'm getting worried I won't be able to keep it up into the fall though. At this rate, it looks like I'll be working 10-25 hours a week (depending on if the community service center job follows through and depending on how many hours I work at my museum job). And I'll be taking a full load of classes. But I've managed to slough off my other obligations, so that's good. But, idk. It's going to take a lot of careful time scheduling and some serious work effort to juggle all of this.
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Four quick things:

1) I've been working out every day since Tuesday! A friend and I went jogging then swimming in the lake Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Thursday and Friday I worked out in the gym in my building for a bit. And then Saturday and today [ profile] zempasuchil and I hit the university gym for an hour each day. Awwww yeah. 8)

2) I am going to Madison next weekend to visit [ profile] animus_wyrmis at her brand new grown up apartment!

3) I made this!

You're in a Car with a Beautiful Boy - a Richard Siken Mix

4) What mix should I work on next:

[Poll #1767993]
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Remember that post I made asking if people would be interested in some kind of fitness support comm?

Well, there seemed to be sufficient interest. So [Bad username or site: @] is open for business.

Take a look at:
the mission statement || set up + schedule || the rules

And join if you'd like to participate!

This my last post on this subject. (Though I may mention it briefly in other posts).

Hope you are all well. <3333
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So today was an absolutely fantastic day in US soccer. But, let's say I was screaming with rage through parts of it. And screaming with sheer joy and elation by the end of it.

the most emotional soccer game I have ever seen. )

It's been said a million times today, but you could not write a better story than this.

The stunning, saintlike, brilliant, stone cold Hope Solo thanks you for your time.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In other news! Huge thank yous to [ profile] scorpiod1, [ profile] cherie_morte, [ profile] locknkey, and [ profile] wutendeskind for the kisses now decorating my profile. You guys are sweet. <33333

In other-other news, the rules, set up and schedule guide, and mission statement of [ profile] sparklegrit have all been posted. [ profile] sparklegrit being that fitness comm idea I told y'all about. If you're interested, go over and take a gander, and report back to me with any comments or concerns you might have. If there's a general consensus that the rules, etc are good, I'll officially open things tomorrow before I leave to pick [ profile] familiardevil up from the airport. ^___^

On the sparklegrit note- I've been keeping track of my calories for a week. And now that I have a better idea of what I eat and how much I eat, I'd worked out a pretty solid diet and exercise plan if I do say so myself.

Cue my mom sending me a boxful of candy. -_____-

Have a good night y'all. <3333
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Hey everybody! Sorry about the post last night. ): I just had a EVERYTHING BAD IS HAPPENING AT ONCE combined with I AM PRETTY DRUNK AND ALSO WITHOUT ANYONE TO CUDDLE RN kind of night. But earlier in the night was all kinds of wonderful! Thanks to everyone who commented. <3333[Poll #1759245]And even if there is no interest in doing some kind of support group, I am going to try to do at least weekly updates of my own goals/progress/lack of progress, etc. Because having an audience helps. :P

<3 <3 <3

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I am a terrible person tbh.

Also I intend to write familardevil all the sex pollen because she braved a roller coaster for me.
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It's so green. Which I am used to! But such a different quality of green from what I'm used to. It's brighter and glossier and more yellow. And the sky is different! And the quality of light! The buildings are really different too. idk, it reminds me of Rome + LA + something else???. Oh man, the subtropics. I'm so excited to be someplace so ~new~ to me.

I'm having a fabulous time. [Bad username or site: @] and I took a two and half hour public transportation adventure to the Miami zoo. I lost my purse, but w/e. I had all my valuables in my pocket and the most valuable thing I lost was the purse itself.

The zoo was woooonderful. It's really large, and there's a ton of animals. And the weather was (and has been) absolutely perfect. When we got back, familiar introduced me to Game of Thrones. I have ~thoughts~ but that is for another day/post. (Spoiler alert: Fucking Lannisters. Go kill yourselves.)

Then yesterday her parents drove us to Tampa. (familiar's family is super nice, btw). And last night we went to a soccer game- the US versus Panama. The US lost which was super shocking and upsetting. Shit refereeing, but we should have played better. )))): BUT WE STILL HAD A REALLY GREAT TIME AND OUR BOYS WILL BRING IT IN THE NEXT GAME. This just makes our inevitable victory all the sweeter. Oh, and I bought a US supporters scarf. Which I've wanted forever. It was pretty expensive, but I'm not caring about money this trip, especially because I'm just spending my awards money anyway. ^___^

Now today we're going to the aquarium! And then to familiar's grandparents who have a pool and live near a nice beach and who will be bringing us to Harry Potter Land tomorrow. SO EXCITE.

Sorry for such a rushed entry! I'm sitting in the hotel lobby about to leave.

I LOVE YOU ALL. (But I love familiar the most.)


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