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I've been thinking about season 4 of Supernatural (again) and I have a question...

Cut for spoilers for seasons 4&5 )

God, I don't even know what that was. That was all over the place. I've had a lot of sugar today.

To make this post even more gratuitous, Captain America, everyone:

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Because I don't feel like ranting about what I'm actually upset about, have two completely unrelated rants!

To start with! There's a new SPN female character centric comm! Hey, that's great. I mean, we already have [ profile] kripkes_angels , but yeah, it can be kind of slow. Maybe a new comm will be just the kick in the pants this fandom needs to start writing and talking and iconing for all the awesome female characters show has killed off featured!



What is this new comm called?


spn. pussy. palace.

ooooooh guuuuurl )

Onto rant number two, oh hey! It's a political one!

Oh look at that wacky Tea Party! What are they up to now? Aw, they're getting their prized son Rand Paul to be the Republican nominee for Kentucky senator.

Rand (his first name presumably from that loathsome person and poor writer, Ayn Rand) said in his victory speech last night, "I have a message from the Tea Party. Washington is horribly broken. The Tea Party movement is a message to Washington that we are angry and we want to do things differently."

Yes. The American Public (TM) is apparently very frustrated with Washington right now. Of course, the American Public (TM) is always very frustrated with Washington.

But people, my people, what are you so frustrated about?

pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. it doesn't matter that i'm sitting on your head. )

I feel better now.
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Okay, I'm probably going to delete this later and offer up a better reaction, because I really enjoyed the episode as a whole. Rant's staying up. My reaction is my reaction. (And, I'd like to reiterate, I thought this was a great episode. I still have issues.)

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A femmeslash fic/art/and fanmix exchange devoted to the kickass, fine-ass, badass, and hotass women of Supernatural and Supernatural RPF.


Sign ups run through November 25th, assignments go out not long after, and posting begins February 1st.

All pairings, as long as they're f/f- and that includes pairings like girl!Sam/girl!Dean- are welcome.

Rules here, and more info here.

Because fandom- and Dean Winchester agrees- needs more vagina.


(I'm comodding with

[ profile] familiardevil and [ profile] bloodnfire . Much love from me if you join. <3 And please pimp the fuck out of this!)



Also, sorry about being lax on commenting and replying to comments lately. I WILL DO BETTER.


Have a good week, y'all.


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