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The new Apocalypse just started and it's awesome.

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For once, it's not an exchange that I'm running. BUT THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES.

Sam/Dean/Bela! Sam/Dean/Cassie! Sam/Dean/Anna! Dean/Sam/Dean! (Shut up.)



Also? This. Make me pretty icons of pretty girls! Do want!

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And finally....

A comm! For poetry! That reminds you of Winchesters! POETRY! WINCHESTERS! ACK.

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ETA: To supply some actual content, and not really related to any of this except in that's it's also awesome:

If the Constitution means anything, it does at the very least mean that the Constitution
will not abide a bare congressional desire to harm a politically unpopular group.

-Judge Joseph Tauro, striking down a key part of DoMA.

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Because I don't feel like ranting about what I'm actually upset about, have two completely unrelated rants!

To start with! There's a new SPN female character centric comm! Hey, that's great. I mean, we already have [ profile] kripkes_angels , but yeah, it can be kind of slow. Maybe a new comm will be just the kick in the pants this fandom needs to start writing and talking and iconing for all the awesome female characters show has killed off featured!



What is this new comm called?


spn. pussy. palace.

ooooooh guuuuurl )

Onto rant number two, oh hey! It's a political one!

Oh look at that wacky Tea Party! What are they up to now? Aw, they're getting their prized son Rand Paul to be the Republican nominee for Kentucky senator.

Rand (his first name presumably from that loathsome person and poor writer, Ayn Rand) said in his victory speech last night, "I have a message from the Tea Party. Washington is horribly broken. The Tea Party movement is a message to Washington that we are angry and we want to do things differently."

Yes. The American Public (TM) is apparently very frustrated with Washington right now. Of course, the American Public (TM) is always very frustrated with Washington.

But people, my people, what are you so frustrated about?

pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. it doesn't matter that i'm sitting on your head. )

I feel better now.
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You know what's difficult?

Remixing your own fic. I have no idea what bits of dialogue I should keep, if any.

You know what's even more difficult?

Writing this damn humanities paper that is due in five hours.

Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me.

In other news, I know who I'm voting for in 2012.

ETA: obligatory mention of [ profile] spn_fs_exchange sign ups, vagina, etc, etc, you know you want to.
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Dear Conservative Movement,

Now please go teabag yourselves.

Hugs and kisses,

ETA: And so this is not all just pointless bitchery, have an article that does an awesome job of summing up the president's speech on healthcare.

ETA 2: Aaaand- back to pointless bitchery. Shit just keeps getting worse.

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It seems like the LibDems and the Blue Dogs have reached a compromise of sorts on healthcare. It bothers me that they've dropped the public option, but this proposal still has to be melded with last month's measure that did include a public option. C'mon Rahmy, get in there and fight!

Seems to me like there's two big problems with healthcare in this country:

1) Too many people are not covered by insurance.

2) Healthcare and healthcare insurance are really freakin' expensive.


Cut for rantiness )

And here are some links to articles about healthcare by people much more intelligent and informed than I.

Disruptive Innovation, Applied to Health Care
New York Times, January 2009

"Hospitals and doctors are paid by insurers and the government for the health care equivalent of piecework: hospitals profit from full beds and doctors profit from repeat visits. There is no financial incentive to keep patients healthy."

Heading for the Emergency Room
The Economist, June 2009

"Comparisons with other rich countries and within the United States show that America’s health-care system is not only growing at an unsustainable pace, but also provides questionable value for money and dubious medical care."

Hold the Mayo
Slate, July 2009

"It has been documented time and again that private insurance is much costlier, much less efficient, and much less able to boss doctors around. Altering fee structures in any meaningful way therefore requires expanding government's role in the medical economy beyond anything contemplated in the various health reform bills."

Health Reform Can Pay for Itself
Slate, July 2009

"The Senate bill, as passed last week by the health committee, would cost about $600 billion over 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office's most recent calculation. The health committee proposed no offsetting taxes. But that's because the health committee can't propose any taxes: Taxation lies outside its jurisdiction. "

And if you really get on a health care binge, my delicious account is here.


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