Jun. 1st, 2011

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 Listening to Carla Bruni totally counts as studying for French? Riiiiight?

:\\\ It really bothers me that I have the first two parts of my French final today (well, had one this morning and the next part this afternoon). It's tenth week. Finals week is next week. But mainly it bothers me because I've had no time to study. As far as finals weeks go, this is the lightest load I've had in awhile, I think. It's just I'm so behind on everything because of Art in Action.

Even I am sick of my endless to-do lists. But. I want to be done with my essays by Monday night, so I can have Tuesday to study for the final part of my French final and to pack. And Wednesday to pack, take the final part of French, stash my stuff around the city, and have dinner with my friend who's getting back from Athens and graduating. That means, starting tomorrow, I need to average 3-4 pages a day. Which is completely doable.

Also, Iron & Wine is playing in Chicago. For free. On Monday. And I would LOVE to go. But alas, must be at a good spot with finals first.

AND IN ONE WEEK AND ONE DAY I WILL BE WITH [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]. Light at the end of the tunnel, tbh. Unfortunately, she is at college orientation until late Friday night. Which should mean that I can buckle down and work without distractions, but really just means I am going to mope a lot and spam her entries with comments. It's really hard to be codependent guys. ;___;

Today is the last day of classes! And this time next week I will be done with my brief flirtation with French! I can order a baguette, understand directions, and have a conversation about the weather. Really, what else is there to language?

/this entry brought to you by my crippling inability to function without familiar. ):


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