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It's so green. Which I am used to! But such a different quality of green from what I'm used to. It's brighter and glossier and more yellow. And the sky is different! And the quality of light! The buildings are really different too. idk, it reminds me of Rome + LA + something else???. Oh man, the subtropics. I'm so excited to be someplace so ~new~ to me.

I'm having a fabulous time. [Bad username or site: @] and I took a two and half hour public transportation adventure to the Miami zoo. I lost my purse, but w/e. I had all my valuables in my pocket and the most valuable thing I lost was the purse itself.

The zoo was woooonderful. It's really large, and there's a ton of animals. And the weather was (and has been) absolutely perfect. When we got back, familiar introduced me to Game of Thrones. I have ~thoughts~ but that is for another day/post. (Spoiler alert: Fucking Lannisters. Go kill yourselves.)

Then yesterday her parents drove us to Tampa. (familiar's family is super nice, btw). And last night we went to a soccer game- the US versus Panama. The US lost which was super shocking and upsetting. Shit refereeing, but we should have played better. )))): BUT WE STILL HAD A REALLY GREAT TIME AND OUR BOYS WILL BRING IT IN THE NEXT GAME. This just makes our inevitable victory all the sweeter. Oh, and I bought a US supporters scarf. Which I've wanted forever. It was pretty expensive, but I'm not caring about money this trip, especially because I'm just spending my awards money anyway. ^___^

Now today we're going to the aquarium! And then to familiar's grandparents who have a pool and live near a nice beach and who will be bringing us to Harry Potter Land tomorrow. SO EXCITE.

Sorry for such a rushed entry! I'm sitting in the hotel lobby about to leave.

I LOVE YOU ALL. (But I love familiar the most.)
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The Vampire Diaries- Reviewed!

So I watched most of the first season at the end of summer with [ profile] familiardevil and then got too busy to finish up and keep up with the second season. So the first couple days of Christmas break, she and I mainlined the episodes I hadn’t seen. My thoughts on the show and the characters follows. If you like Caroline and Damon, you should probably skip the parts where I talk about them. Spoilers through all aired episodes, natch.

Terribly long and terribly self-indulgent )

This review brought to you by: the hour of 4 am!

lol I also meant to write about Generation Kill (which I am watching with familiar) and The Good Wife (which I am watching on my own), but this review is long enough. I was also going to talk about girl!James Potter and how she would be the most amazing thing ever, but she deserves her own post and will have to wait.

I've also switched from Firefox to Google Chrome AND OMG IT IS SO MUCH LIGHTER. <3____<3

Happy Holidays my loves!
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Title: Like I Wish I Had Fire
Subject: Iker/David, Casillas/Beckham, Bicker, Becksillas, etc, etc.
Summary: Made as an early Christmas present for [ profile] familiardevil . I fully admit that this will make no sense to anyone besides her. Basically, David Beckham and Iker Casillas are two of the most famous football/soccer players in the world. For a while, they played on the same team (lol why am I making a Real Madrid mix?) and had a really amazing bromance. Then David moved to LA to play for the LA Galaxy (fuck yeah) and made Iker look like sad!Orlando Bloom. (They're still friends though; David stuck around in South Africa to watch Iker and Spain win the World Cup this year.)

These are The Facts. So of course familiardevil and I came up with A Story to go with these facts. That story, as summarized by familiar (and with some modifications by yours truly) is thus, "David moves to Iker's team. David woos Iker. David and Iker have a  lot of sex. Iker falls in love with David. David is an asshole to Iker and sleeps around and makes Iker's heart ache all the time. Iker breaks things off. David is sad but pretends he isn't. Iker is sad and tries to move on. Eventually David stops being such a snake, and he and Iker get back together." This mix is that story as told through song.

Or you could not read all that and just enjoy the music. Mix contains front and back covers, individual uploads of 11 songs, and a .zip of all songs.

Who's the boy you like the most? )
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Title: the subtle grace of gravity
Subject: Anna/Ruby
Summary: A gift!mix for [ profile] familiardevil at the [ profile] spn_fs_exchange . Basically it's the story of "What if Anna and Ruby had- after much snark and theological angsting- hooked up and combined forces to stop the Apocalypse?" It's a little angry and a little sad and a lot hopeful. And made with love. Lots of love.

Dear familiar, you consistently amaze me, and I adore you. I hope you enjoy.

Fanmix includes front and back cover, eight individually uploaded songs, and a zip of all the songs together. Feedback is good karma. Happy listening.

this fumble has become biblical )
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[info]familiardevil ,

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Title: Operation Furious Child
Fandom: uh... LJ RPF
Summary: It's a [ profile] coyotesuspect  /[ profile] familiardevil  Spy AU. And roughly based on true events.
Rating: S for Sexy. No, like PG.
Word Count: 900 for this part, 1700 overall
Part: 2/????
Notes: Written on my iPod while waiting for my sister to finish shopping. I haven't even looked it over before posting. Deliberately written in a ridiculous style.

Part 1 is here.

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[ profile] familiardevil : Friends cut!
[ profile] unavoidedcrisis : These always make me worry that whomever is posting them is a secret agent and needs to go into hiding or like, an informant going into witness protection.
[ profile] cantarina1 : So you are a secret agent! Is Coy the handler you fell for or are you spies on different teams having an illicit affair? OR MAYBE, she's the nerdy tech geek who builds you cool gadgets that you keep breaking on missions? Or is the story too deeply classified for me to know?

And then, I, uh, went to my sister's first volleyball game and typed up the first part of the epic spy love story of coyote and familiar on my iPod. Stop judging me.

Title: Operation Furious Child
Fandom: uh... LJ RPF
Summary: It's a [ profile] coyotesuspect /[ profile] familiardevil Spy AU. And roughly based on true events.
Rating: S for Sexy. No, like PG.
Word Count: 800
Part: 1/????
Notes: Written on my iPod. I haven't even looked it over before posting. Deliberately written in a ridiculous style.

ETA: Oops. Sorry about the lj cut fail. I swear I know what I'm doing.

Cchhhyeah )
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This is a long promised spam of football/soccer players for my beloved [Bad username or site: @], with a heavy emphasis on the national teams of the US, Spain, Germany, and Brazil.

This is in no way an exhaustive guide to important players, just ones I'm particularly fond of, largely having to do with reasons of them being attractive and/or adorable. It also contains almost zero analysis. My apologies for not accenting names and clubs appropriately.

But it's full of really hot men, okay? Possibly the least dial up friendly thing ever.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A multinational assortment of attractive men welcome you in.

An appreciation of the male form. )

Note on sources: Pictures are from all over the place- various lj comms, tumblr, google images, [Bad username or site: @]'s magnificent spamming of [Bad username or site: @]'s journal. Facts are mainly from wikipedia, articles, and interviews I've read/watched with the players.
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In a twist that will be shocking to exactly no one (but which still managed to surprise me): [ profile] familiardevil  proposed to me today on [ profile] marry_a_ljuser .

I, of course, accepted.


Everyone is invited to the reception.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Jul. 7th, 2010 12:27 am
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Dear World,

I have the best wife ever. Past, present, or future- in all the universes that were and are and will ever be. She surpasses every other person who has ever lived and loved.

Please try to contain your jealousy.


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 Oh, so, I've been in LA the last couple days for my grandma's 80th birthday. Heeeey. I love/hate this city. 

Sorry for being such an awful friend lately. Unless you are [ profile] familiardevil  and talking to me about soccer, I probably have not been talking to you. (And this includes real life friends and my parents because I suck.)

BUUUUUT! I did go see Jonah Hex (that superhero cowboy movie with Megan Fox) with my cousin my first day here. 

I guess this contains Jonah Hex spoilers! )

And then my cousin and I did some stuff and went to a party where there was a midget playing beer pong. I know this is disrespectful to note and I'm being rude right now. But it was just so surreal. 

Related note! Why are most of the people I know in LA semi-dating drug dealers?

Um. Um. Um. Right before i left for LA, both the latest apocalypse of [ profile] spnland  AND the SPN Femmeslash Exchange got wrapped up. I am going to pimp the shit out of [ profile] spnland  later, but y'all should seriously go check out the Femmeslash Exchange. We got 50 wonderful gifts- fics, art, and fanmixes. The next round is coming up pretty soon, too, since [ profile] familiardevil  and I have decided to move our exchange schedule around. :) 

Thank you again to everyone who participated, and especially to our pinch hitters. You guys rock my world.

Also, expect a SPN Femmeslash Friending meme sometime in the future. Love the ladies with other ladies? Love the ladies who love the ladies with other ladies? Then you'll love this. ;)  omg I think I lost the thread of that.




I just can't stop smiling. )

Speaking of soccer, I am so worried about America's chance to advance. The ref made such an awful call in the Slovenia game, that even in my Nilmar/Kaka haze of bliss I feel myself getting angry.

Someone please hold me. ):

WILL ANSWER COMMENTS AND PMs TOMORROWISH. (Or July; I am disappearing from the 25th to the 3rd to be a counselor AND OMG I WILL MISS SO MUCH OF THE CUP whyyyyyy)

Night! LOVE YOU.

ETA: Also, this? Least helpful poll ever. This is worse than a British election, Christ.

ETA 2: Laptop still broken, but apparently can be fixed for $200. Older brother said he will loan me the money and then bought me ice cream because I was ): Best big brother ever, y/y?

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Claw- Sirius had been allowed to name her, a mistake Remus would never again make -- hooted irritably, accepted the letter, and flapped off.
--Stealing Harry

[ profile] familiardevil : LOL SIRIUS IS LIKE MY FANON DEAN. Just the most obvious and obnoxious names for pets just to annoy their gay boyfriend.
[ profile] familiardevil : Except Dean would just name it Owl and be done with it.

[ profile] coyotesuspect : Maybe "Who" if he were feeling particularly clever.
[ profile] coyotesuspect : "What's the name of your owl?"
[ profile] coyotesuspect : "Who."
[ profile] coyotesuspect : "Your owl. What's its name?"
[ profile] coyotesuspect : "Who."
[ profile] coyotesuspect : And Dean would be all, "I NAMED IT WHO BECAUSE THAT'S THE SOUND IT MAKES." all innocent like.

[ profile] familiardevil : And Sam would smack his head. Would you call a baby Gurgle? Actually, no, don't answer that. I don't want to imagine you with a child.

[ profile] coyotesuspect : And then Dean would somehow work that into a comment about one of his nicknames for Sam being based on the noises Sam makes during sex.

[ profile] familiardevil : Like how he couldn't do that to Sam, because then they'd both be called Dean.

[ profile] coyotesuspect : YES LOL

[ profile] familiardevil : And Sam would be like, all sassy, well I am certainly not calling you God.

ETA: Related to absolutely nothing, I am somewhat perturbed that at least four girls I graduated high school with are now married or engaged (and one even has a baby!). 


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